The idea for this Cookie Monster Birthday Cake came from your site, I did a search and found the most wonderful cookie monster cake and was able to find the Wilton Stand -Up Cuddly Bear Pan Set tin. As the baking instructions were not metric (I’m in Australia) I enlisted the help of my mum and we managed to prepare and bake this great cake.

We purchased “Greens” cake mixed x2, we found that the Tea Cake mix provided the extra body needed for the consistency, the other packet was a Lemon mix -follow the instructions on the box. Having done a trial bake a week prior to the birthday party we were confident we had it right, but as with all good plans we baked the cake the day before the party only for the tin to fall over in the oven! Too much of the mixture fell out and it didn’t rise enough to fill all the areas of the tin, however this worked to our advantage in the end as this cake was cut up and provided the arms/ hands of the birthday cake proper.

My tips:

1. Cut the ears off the teddy bear and arrange these to represent the hands

2. Before placing the hand cut a slit into the body of the bear for the cookie to sit in.

3. Cover the entire cake with a thin layer of icing first that way if any areas are missed with the final layer of icing it won’t look so bad

4. Wear gloves as we got blue icing everywhere!!!

For the butter cream icing we followed the instructions that were included in the tin and just added the blue food colouring until we got the desired shade of blue we wanted. The best part was applying the icing using the #233 nozzle, start from the bottom of the cake and work your way up, I just found this easier AND start at the back that way if you mess up it doesn’t matter as much.

The cake was put into the fridge overnight and cookies arranged on board in the morning. Eyes were the large marshmallow with black liquorice for the centre, the mouth was also cut into the cake then lined with line strips of liquorice.