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Coolest Knight Castle Cake

Homemade Knight Castle Cake

Homemade Knight Castle Cake

I made this Knight castle cake for my son's 4th birthday. He wanted a knight cake, so I decided to attempt a castle. I wanted to submit my picture because I came across a lot of princess castles, but not as many ideas for knight (or boy-like) ones!

I used a 6 in round for the top tier, and 9x13 for the base. I used box mix and filled the pans about 2/3 full, to make sure the sides were tall enough after baked and leveled. So I needed 2 boxes for the 9x13, but didn't quite use all the batter (bake time was longer). I made a butter-cream frosting - check out Kitchen Magpie blog for a great recipe. Used Wilton black coloring gel (very little), to get the gray.

Sugar cones made the turrets, frosted and then shook on silver sprinkles. I used a Wilton #18 tip to pipe around the base of the turrets, and also at bottom of the round cake. I made the flags with construction paper, and covered with clear tape for a laminated look, then glued to a toothpick. The "bricks" that line the top are sugar cubes, sprayed with a silver food coloring mist. I cut yellow fondant to make the name flag.

Outlined bottom of it red (used a Wilton decorator tube). I also bought a tube of black, since I didn't need much - easier than separating and dying more frosting. I used a #3 tip with both tubes. I put a few windows along each side and the back. The door is a Hershey bar. I colored some frosting green, and used tip #233 to make the grass. The knights are a toy we already had, found them at my local craft store. It was a "tube of knights". They finished the cake perfectly!

Everyone loved it, the look and taste. And my son's face was priceless, which makes every second worth it!!

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