I have been baking cakes on and off for a few years. My extended family heard that I could bake really well. My brother-In-Laws girlfriend was having a birthday party and I offered to make her a cake for her birthday. She said I really didn’t have to that she was going to buy one. I told her no need; I can make you one from SCRATCH much better than that box stuff. She was excited, I asked her what kind and what theme she would like it to be. She told me she would like a chocolate and white cake with buttercream icing.

During the week I researched cakes and themes. She said she wanted a Tinkerbell cake, because she loves Tink and collects anything and everything she can that has to do with Tink. I looked on so many web sites’ just trying to find the perfect cake. I looked at all the cakes on coolest birthday cakes.com and was really impressed at the jobs all the people had done on their cakes.

I could not find that one cake that just called to me. Most of the Tinkerbell figures I found look so cheap and not real. So I went to Wal-Mart and found some Tinkerbell and friends figures. After that I found a jungle cake that looked really neat. I used that cake as my main cake design with some take away here and some adding there. I didn’t really have a picture to go off of so I put all the pictures and designs I found together by putting together a power point slide.

I used Betty Crocker’s recipe for white cake and added in a little sugar and cinnamon from the already mixed spice you can get in the spice isle at the store. I used Hershey’s deep dark chocolate cake, except I like to melt some of the dark chocolate bar in addition to the coco that you put in the cake. I put the two together, leveled them out and started to decorate.

The two base cakes were 13X9, and the first mound is a 6X2” round, and the very top is a cupcake. The little mounds around the cake are mini cupcakes. I made the trees from sugar cones.

I decorated the Pixie Hollow Cake with buttercream frosting, and put the figures in the appropriate place. Of course Tink was at the top, I put fawn down at the bottom of the hill with the two animals that came with the set. Rosetta was by her garden, I used mini M&M’s for the garden, with the edges of the garden being all brown M&Ms. I could not think where to put Iridessa so I wrote the happy birthday message in yellow to look like she was lighting up the message.

Finally there was Silverdust; I looked up her fairy power on the Disney web site. She is the water fairy, so for her I cut out a pond looking shape out of parchment paper. Placed that on my cake before I stared to frost and held it in place with two tooth picks. After the cake was frosted I picked up the parchment paper leaving the shape of the pond. I then dug out the pond a little with a spoon and frosted it blue. To get a really cool effect I put blue Jello Jigglers for the water. I then lined it in blue M&Ms and that was perfection!

My Pixie Hollow Cake was a hit and the whole family knew about soon after. I had them all telling me that it was the best cake they have ever tasted and that I have a hidden talent that I need to discover. So who knows I just might!