I made this princess castle cake for my daughter’s first birthday and it was inspired by cakes on this website and by a cake in a Wilton cake magazine.

I started a few days early by making all of the flowers. To make the flowers I colored fondant frosting and then rolled it out and used a flower shaped cutter. I then frosted the middle of the flowers yellow.

Later I made the cake by stacking two 10 in. circle cakes on top of each other, and then I placed two six inch circle cakes on top of the 10 inch cakes near the back. I then proceeded to frost the cakes in white frosting.

Next I cut a triangular piece of cake to be a little taller than the stacked 6 inch cakes and placed it in front of the 6 inch cakes and frosted it with white frosting.

I then started at the top of the cake and made leaves around the cakes as shown and placed the flowers on the leaves. I also drew windows on the cake with pink frosting, and iced the roof of the triangular cake with pink frosting as well.

I then filled regular icecream cones with cake mix and baked until done. I stuck the two cones on top of each other and glued together with white melting chocolate. Next, I notched out the top of the cone to look like a pillar and frosted them and placed them around the cake.

Next, I frosted sugar cones with white frosting and rolled them in pink edible glitter and placed them on top of the pillars. I then piped windows on the pillars with pink frosting, and made leaves under the windows and placed flowers on the leaves to create flower boxes.

Next, I cut a graham cracker for the door and used pretzel sticks for the walkway. The flags were made from edible wafer paper that I iced to write Happy Birthday Jazzy.

A few tips on making this cake is make sure you give yourself lots of time, freeze the cakes before you frost them, and place about two wooden skewers in the cake to make sure it does not fall down. Most of all have fun, your child will absolutely love all of your effort.