For my son’s 2nd birthday I decided on a Toy Story theme a few months ago and got stuck in my head the idea of having a spinning carousel cake. It was trial and A LOT of error on my part getting this one together. I used an empty soda bottle and 2 10in cake drums for the UFO stand. The idea was to have the aliens like they where being beamed up in to the UFO from below. I attached the aliens with clear tape folded in half to make it as invisible as possible. And made a little moon fondant pattern on the board where the soda bottle would be fitted. I then cut tabs around the soda bottle and folded and glued it down.

For the cake, the bottom tier is a 12″ Rice Krispie Cake. The middle tier is a hollowed out dummy with a turntable used for displaying model cars fitted inside and a space hollowed out the back to fit the music box. This was the trickiest part of this cake. I wish I could be more helpful with this but I think it would be different every time you make it. Lets just say there was a lot of fiddling to get the height correct in order for it to spin when the whole thing was decorated but I did get there in the end. The UFO tier was made using a Wilton Wonder Mold pan.

I didn’t have the patience with 2 toddlers to try and model all the figures. I had attempted to start Buzz Lightyear when my 3 year old snicked in the kitchen and ate him. So I ended up buying McDondalds figures off Ebay and found the little Aliens at the Disney Store.

I was really pleased with the end result. My daughter turns 4 next month and I can foresee another spinning cake idea in the future. Meanwhile I hope you like this one.

Here’s a video that shows the cake animated. With lights around the UFO and spinning and playing the tune “Toy Land”