This Homemade Spongebob Cake was my first attempt at fondant. I planned this cake out for months. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like.

I made this cake for my daughter’s 3 birthday party and everyone loved it.

I made three sponge Madeira cakes with butter cream icing in between the layers, then I used butter cream icing to coat the cake and put the layer of fondant on to make it hold and smooth the cake over.

I bought all the black, yellow, blue, etc..fondant and added food coloring to make the pink and purple. I purchased a fondant roller, tools, and flat plastic piece to roll out the fondant on. I struggled with my practice cake, with the fondant sticking to wax paper, then if I added icing sugar under it to roll out it got too dry and would start cracking.

I put yellow fondant across the top and brown fondant on the bottom so they were even. Then my mum and I rolled out and cut all the pieces we needed and used small water on our fingers to stick one layer to the next. We molded some of the pieces to give it some depth, using some of the modelling tools from a fondant kit.

I used a round tool to make the indents in his spongy body then put green dusting sugar to give it depth and color. I then rolled out the legs and arms, shoes, and hands. Some things got a little dry but with a little water the cracks would smooth over.

I made the cakes the day before, but did all the fondant the day of. By the next day after the party the left over cake had a lot of cracks no matter how I wrapped the cake. It was so large it was hard to seal it up and prevent air from getting in. I would probably do all the fondant the day of again, to make sure it doesn’t crack again. The cake dried out a bit and I would probably use a moister cake next time.

I love doing these cakes and hopefully my friends like them as much. I also have a Lightening McQueen cake that I did for my friend the next week. She just loved Sponge bob.