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11th Hour Time Bomb Punk Rocker Birthday Cake

For starters this 11th hour time bomb Punk Rocker birthday cake was certainly a challenge! About a month ago my friend Amanda asked me to make her boyfriend’s 30th birthday cake, she sent me a couple of pics and right away I knew I had a choice. Go easy or go hard. Easy ha GO HARD! My friend Samantha was able to clean up the photo for me so it was a bit clearer and off to the print shop I went to blow it up. Four pieces to the puzzle I got when I left the print shop, now it was time to put those pieces together.

About an hour later the puzzle was put together and my outline was brought to life about 20×15. Next I made a full sheet, filled it and froze it overnight, the next day I put the template on and cut out the cake (1 hour), refroze, crumb coated every nook and crany (1 hour), refroze, airbrushed the sides black, chilled (15 minutes), filled my piping bags with white and black and began the details.

The jacket was first and as always free hand (2 hours), freeze. The bottle and hand next, 1.5 hours, 8:30 PM. Take a sip of my wine, start the face, ultimately the easiest part, 9:59 PM, the cake is complete (well almost gotta write Happy Birthday!). What better than patchwork for the jacket, with a nice little sentiment on it ” Happy 30th You F*ck” (Amanda’s words not mine of course ). Now time for a picture, I stand on my tippy toes and snap the shot ( pause for a moment here please) because that was my sudden reaction, this cake, this 7 hour cake with detail that at times made you really wonder what it would inevitably look like, random dots and lines, all free hand, basically hoping for the best with every squeeze of the piping bag, looks identical to the picture, there is a hand holding that bottle I exclaimed! I couldn’t believe it!

Now don’t get me wrong I do character cakes all the time but this was something else, this was unbelievable! I did that! I quickly forwarded the cake to Amanda, Kathryn, Charlie, Jason my parents and anyone else I could think of and the reaction was…. “That’s a cake!?, that’s insane!!!, you are a god!, words can’t even describe this!!, I can’t thank you enough!,  that’s insane!!, you are amazing!!, that’s unbelievable , you are something else!” And they continued all throughout the night, Amanda couldn’t stop thanking me, she just knew Dan (her boyfriend) was going to be floored!

And that he was the next day at his surprised party when they brought out the cake he was amazed! He gave me a giant hug and thanked me profusely. Rancid being his favorite band it was surely a job well done! Everyone couldn’t wait to see the cake that night and as I went home I reminisced about everyone’s reactions and how good it felt to make Dan’s night, simply spectacular!

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