This was my first Hello Kitty cake, I’ve been wanting to make one for so long so I really was excited about this one and already knew exactly what I was going to do,lol.

I used boxed cake mix, strawberry and white for the cake and strawberry for the cupcakes. The first thing I did was make the little Hello Kitty heads to go on the cupcakes. I made by taking a lipstick top and using it as a cutter, then I cut the ears out of fondant. Thankfully I had just gotten a 3 pack of small tipped brushes, they worked amazing for the nose, whiskers, and eyes. I made the bows also out of fondant.

To make the cake I had trace a picture of Hello Kitty’s head from my computer because I don’t have any ink, lol. I put it on top of the cake and held it down as I cut it out. I used 3 9in rounds, white, strawberry and white. I iced it and covered it in fondant. I made her bow, eyes and nose out of fondant, and I painted on her whiskers. Also, I could NOT find my fondant smoother, but I  did the best I could to smooth it out.

The sprinkles made the cupcakes even more cute, also I didn’t have the right cupcake tip, so I used a smaller one, but it worked just as great!