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Coolest Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

This Hello Kitty cake is a cupcake cake. It makes for easy disbursement of cake at a party and there is no need to make sure you take along a knife and server. I started by making one batch of chocolate cupcakes and one batch of butter yellow. I practiced the shape of the cake by moving the cupcakes around into different arrangements. When I was happy, I secured the cupcakes to the board with a small dab of butter cream icing.

I used the butter yellow on the outside of the cake and the chocolate in the center. I made the shape of Hello Kitty by making six rows of four cupcakes each. The two rows on the outside are moved up slightly to make a point at the top for the ears and allow for the curve of Hello Kitty’s cheek. I then piped a butter cream frosting outline of Hello Kitty’s face on the cupcakes. It doesn’t matter that you cover each cupcake completely. It is more important to get the right curves to make the face look right.

Fill any dips between the edges of cupcakes with extra frosting. I then filled in the inside of her face with spatulas full of frosting. I smoothed it out and filled in any low spots. Then I used the star tip on my piping bag and began to make stars to cover the entire face. This not only gives the look of fur, but also covers up any imperfections in the cake.

I used a fruit roll-up to make the bow. I used cookie cutters and a sharp knife to cut our the bow shape. I used some frosting to build up the bow shape underneath and set the fruit roll-up on the top. I finished it up with frosting eyes, nose and whiskers. The cupcakes around the outside were given to the girls who showed up for my daughter’s “friend” party, and the Hello Kitty cupcakes were used at the following “family” party.

Homemade Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

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  1. I made this yesterday for my daughter’s third birthday. It was so cute and so easy. Thank you for the instructions!


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