Angry Birds Cake

This cake was for my son’s 10th birthday.  There are great HOW TO clips on You Tube to show you how to make the Birds which helped me –  they were all made from fondant. They were tricky to make but so worthwhile. I made them a week before the cake so they had time to set. I also used wafer biscuits and a Timeout finger bar for the ‘building’s which housed the pigs.

The slingshot was also made from fondant.  To make it appear more real, I mixed brown into the fondant without mixing it too much – making it look a little ‘streaky’ which meant it looked more realistic.  The birds nest and eggs were also fondant. I used a butter cream icing using a green gel food color to get the bright green.

The actual cake was simple to make – a round chocolate cake cooked in a 12 inch tin.  This cake took a long time to make, but the expression on our son’s face when he saw it, was worth it.