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Coolest Zebra Cakes and Other Animal Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Zebra birthday cakes shared with us by bakers from around the world. If you end up with a cool cake, or already have some cool cake photos and tips to share, send them over via this form.

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More Zebra Animal Cake Ideas

Cake by Dani D., Wells, ME

Coolest Zebra Cakes and Other Animal Cake Ideas

I took some of the ideas from another animal cake and added some as well. I wanted the zebra to be standing up so I used wooden rods and put them through the center to help hold it in place as well as plastic under the chin to keep it from falling.

I used white and black frosting. I put the black on first and then the white around the strips. I used licorice for the mane as well (I loved that idea). As I placed the cakes on top of each other I cut them to shape a head etc. I froze the cakes a head of time for easier cutting.

Cake by Stephanie B., Decatur, AL

Homemade Zebra Animal Cake

My son wanted Madagascar for his second birthday and we could find no pans for this. I baked him an animal cake with the Wiltons lion pan but he wanted a zebra too. So I dug in my old pans and found the My Little Pony pan which is an antique and just randomly placed stripes in black. Of course I did the black first then went back and filled in the white. The true test was the morning of his party when he walked into the kitchen and I showed him the cakes. When he looked at them and shrieked “Wow! Bebra and Lion!” I knew that I had done an okay job!

Cake by Carla I., Grand Junction, CO

Homemade Zebra Animal Cake

My youngest daughter wanted a Zebra cake for her 3rd birthday.

I used two round cake pans, one large and one small to make the head and a square pan to make the neck. The ears are made of sugar cookies that I cut and frosted and the main is made of black licorice. The stripes are made of black tinted frosting.