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Coolest Baby Zebra Cake

We decided to do a zebra themed party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. This Baby Zebra Cake is a double layer cake with the top layer being smaller than the bottom. I used white icing on the entire cake and added fondant stripes to the sides.

I prepared a topper using black icing and wax paper. I traced out my design on the wax paper in black then froze it and covered it with white icing. Then I froze it again. Turned that over on top of my cake and viola a zebra!

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  1. I too are in need of making a zebra cake and yours is the best that I have found. My question is, when u piped the black out line, did u fill in all the black and then freeze and just cover with white or did u put on cake then finish filling in the black?


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