Coolest Purse Birthday Cake

This Purse Birthday Cake is the second fondant cake I have made in a month’s time. I wanted to get some practice and make a cake for my sister’s 28th Birthday. She is into purses and shoes (decided for the purse, much easier!). She is allergic to gluten so this cake mix was gluten free. I was lucky because the cake came out very dense and was easy to sculpt.

I made the cake in a 13×9 pan, cooled it then cut it in half. I iced one side stuck the two pieces together then stood it up on the cut edges. I then sculpted the corners to resemble a handbag/purse. I crumb iced the whole thing with store bought icing I had on hand. I had already previously colored my fondant and made my details, laid them on parchment to dry. I covered it in pink fondant, and put all the details on with a dab of icing. I brushed the black fondant with water to make it shiny, next time will do vodka (it got sticky!). The handle was secured with a tooth pick I broke in half for each end.

Next time I will cover a piece of wire in fondant, the handle collapsed in the middle a few hours later and broke. Trial and error, only makes us better. Happy cake making!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Purse Birthday Cake”

  1. Did you use store bought fondant or make your own.
    My first attempt at homemade fondant turned out great, second try not so good. Didn’t know if you had any tricks

  2. That is great! We are making one in class this week. I thought i would do this one, but change it up a bit. For the handle we are using pastillage. Thanks!


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