Coolest Princess Tiara Birthday Cake

I made this Princess Tiara Birthday Cake for my first client. Her daughter was turning 5 and she wanted a girly girl cake. I decided to try and make a tiara out of fondant. I had seen it done on Youtube by lauriepoopie. I had also looked up several others by searching tiara on my web browser.

I first attempted a royal icing tiara, but that was a disaster, maybe I will try again when I have more time. Fondant it was. I used some store bought fondant(Wilton) I had for the tiara. I hand rolled all the loops out and then folded them how I wanted and cut off the access. Then I pinched the ends together. I did that with several loops as you can see then connected them all at the ‘pinched’ ends. I cut a circle the size to cover the ends, and used a craft stamp to make the design on the circle. I adhered it with a dab of water. I made a rectangle piece out of fondant and stamped it as well with the design. I attached the bottom of the loop pieces to the top edge of the ‘base’ (the rectangle piece).

I cut off the excess of the base to match the length of the loops. I then added another ‘rope’ piece to the front to cover the loops and base connection. I let it dry for a couple days then dry luster dusted it silver with a paint brush. I just wanted it to sparkle not paint it silver.

I made the purple daisies with a fondant daisy cutter, found at Micheal’s has three sizes in a pack. I used the medium size. I cut them chunky, it was the look I was going for. The purple daisies on the tiara were with the small daisy cutter. I used some left over royal icing from my attempt at the royal icing tiara for the white centers of the daisies. I let all the flowers dry and then silver luster dusted them as well.

I baked 2 6′ and 2 8″ round cakes, Betty Crocker super moist yellow and milk chocolate. My client wanted buttercream icing, so I used the C&H Sugar buttercream recipe, (1 lb powdered sugar, 1 stick butter, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 cup milk). I like it better than Wilton’s, less greasy. I doubled the recipe and it was just enough icing. I colored it the shade of pink I wanted with Wilton icing colors. I use a leveler to take the ‘muffin tops’ of the cakes off. I put a little frosting on the bottom of the cake to stick it to the board.

I frosted the top of the first layer 8″ ( part I cut), then laid the second cake on top of it (both cut parts together). That leaves you with an easier surface to frost. Add your cut to length dowels in the center of the 8′ cake. This will help support your 6″ cake on top. Frost the 6′ just like the 8′ cakes. Crumb ice the whole thing let it sit in the fridge for a bit to harden. Take it out and finish frosting.

I used angle spatulas and a $10 turn table with scallop edges from Michaels. Take your time frosting the cake. It takes patience and a lot of time to get it smooth. Don’t rush it. I added the beaded borders in purple buttercream icing I had from a previous cake. Adhered the flowers to the cake with that icing as well. Happy Creating!!

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  1. Yes, I used a paint brush. I just dusted it dry. I don’t like the look of it ‘painted’ on. Mixing the luster dust with a dab of vodka. Thanks for the compliments!


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