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Coolest Princess Stars Cake

I made this Princess Stars Cake for my twin daughters’ birthday party with the family. The theme is 4th of July ‘Princess’ because their birthday is the 6th. This is my first two tiered cake and my first try with MMF. I had a really hard time with the fondant after I let it cool in the fridge. Next time I am going to make it right before I am ready to put it on the cakes.

For the bottom layer I used a impression mat. It was difficult also. The impression stretched out after I put the fondant on the cake. Also it was very humid and the fondant trapped air and I couldn’t get it all out. The ingredients are chocolate and yellow cakes. Homemade buttercream frosting from C&H (can be located on the back of the package). I prefer it over the Wilton recipe; it is too greasy.

The lower tier is 2 8in and top 2 6 in. The smaller two are 2 tier 4in cakes. For the stars sticking out of the cake I made those 2-3 days in advance to dry out of left over store bought fondant. They are attached to floral stem. I dusted them with silver luster dust DRY. I tried it wet with vodka painting it on, did not like the results. All in all it turned out pretty well for the party. The family was impressed! Happy baking/creating.

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  1. wow..nice birthday cake,,i want birthday cake in my daugther 2nd birthday this coming december,,but how to order that?
    im here live in japan


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