Coolest Twilight Cake

I made this Twilight cake for a friend’s daughter’s 12th birthday.

I made a chocolate cake mix 12″ round cake for the base. I then made two vanilla and strawberry 8″ round cakes. After that, I made another 6″ strawberry cake just for her.

I made buttercream icing and tinted it black and red, using Wilton’s icing colors. The buttercream icing is from a C&H Sugar recipe. I used almond extract to flavor it instead of vanilla.

I leveled all the cakes and used thick straws in the 12″ round to support the two 8″ cakes. I then crumb frosted it and let it sit for a while, before I finished the frosting. I piped the red bead border using #3 tip. I made the apple, chess piece, flower, red ribbon, lion and lamb all out of MMF. I made it three to five days prior to allow it to harden.

To make the lion’s mane, I used a clay extruder which you can find at your local craft store for about $12.50. I then placed all the characters on the cake with black buttercream icing. I then piped the writing on it.

The 6″ cake was iced in the same way as the first. I added black sugar to the top of the cake. I didn’t have time to get an edible print so I printed the picture off the computer on paper and then glued it to parchment paper. I placed it on the cake and used red icing to trim around it. The birthday girl was very happy and all the guests were amazed!

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  1. Nice cake, I’m getting ready to do my daughter’s 13th birthday party in April and I am doing a 4 tier cake of Twilight. Hope I can do it. I have made lots of cakes but this one has to be special, your’s looks nice


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