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Coolest Over The Hill Cake

For this Over the Hill cake I used two 13×9 cakes and put them together, one chocolate and one yellow. I always make my own frosting for all the cakes that I do. I use white buttercream then dye it the colors that I need.

For the design on the cake, I used some of the pictures of the decorations that were going to be at the party. The party theme was all different kinds of road signs with different over the hill sayings on them. The stop sign said,” stop, nap, shuffle. My favorite was the “danger falling body parts”. There were so many sayings to choose from but these were the best ones, the side of the cake was the hardest to do.

Trying to make it look like caution tape wasn’t that bad but doing it on the side of the cake took some time.

Over The Hill Cake

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