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Coolest Turkey Cake

For Thanksgiving I wanted to make a turkey cake, but I didn’t want it to be a flat cake so I found this one and tried it out. I used the Rubber Ducky cake pan from Wilton to make this cake. I used pound cake, cake mix just to make sure that the feathers in the back would hold up and not fall out.

The night before Thanksgiving I made the fondant using the marshmallow fondant recipe. Die it yellow and cut out 20 maple leaves and let dry over night. The next day when they were dry I used red color mist and lightly sprayed the bottom half of the leaves. Then I cut small dowel rods different sizes and melted white candy to hold the rods on the back of the maple leaves.

First I frosted the beak and used corn starch to smooth it out. Then I put the eyes on using tip number 4. Then you do the brown frosting using tip number 18 to make stars. For the wings on the side of the bird I used the leaf tip number 67. Because you hold the frosting bag so long to do the brown I made two bags and went back and forth between the two keeping one in the fridge to stay cool, so the frosting wouldn’t get melty.

After you frost the whole bird brown then you can stick the leaves on dowel rods into the back half of the bird. This cake came out so good I got so many compliments. This was the center piece for the desert table.

Turkey Cake

18 thoughts on “Coolest Turkey Cake”

  1. I love your idea of using the duck pan. I made a turkey using a ball pan and the feathers and turkey face using cut-out cookies. This is a beautiful cake. KUDDOS!

  2. You are very creative!

    Wish I could to that,but have arthritis and carpal tunnel problems so can’t but you did a great job. I wouldn’t have thought about using the rubber ducky pan.

  3. My granddaughter who is 8 wanted to make her dad a turkey cake for his bd, which fell on Thanksgiving and we found this one, followed the directions (except I make the feathers out of white chocolate) and it came out exactly like your picture. Thanks so much

  4. I made this same cake last year and I used store bought fodant which I don’t think was the problem. The cake was fine until I had all the “feathers” in when they started falling. There were so many dowels that it cut the back end of the cake right off.


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