Fall Time Display Cake

This Fall time display cake is really just a cake that I made to sit on the shelf at work. It’s made with a “fake cake” but I used real butter cream frosting. I started with white butter cream frosting and airbrushed the whole cake. To get the look of each wooden board I used a side icer and started from the bottom of the tier and frosted up. Just keep doing that all the way around.

All the leaves I made with yellow frosting then airbrushed some with red, some with orange, and some with brown for the fall colors. Some of the leaves I just used choc frosting to have just only brown leaves. All of the pumpkins are just built up out of frosting with frosting stems. The only things on the cake that you can not eat would be the acorns (those are plastic rings) and the black ribbon that goes around each tier. The ribbon is to give it the look of the metal band that goes and holds together a real wooden barrel.