Coolest Homemade Batman Birthday Cake | Arkham City Asylum Cake

Batman Birthday Cake - Arkham City Asylum Cake

I made this Batman birthday cake – Arkham City Asylum for my son’s friend’s 21st birthday. He loves Batman, Joker & Riddler! I quizzed my son and he suggested basing the Batman birthday cake on the game version rather than film versions. The game is darker and a bit more unhinged than the films!! Arkham Asylum being … Read more

Cool 3 Tier Batman Cake

Cool 3 Tier Batman Cake

This is my 3 tier Batman cake that I made for a very special little boys birthday. This was such a fun cake to design. I really wanted to use bright colors for this cake to make it pop. The top tier is for Joker and the flavor is a coconut cake with a strawberry … Read more

Easy Last Minute Batman Cake

Easy Last Minute Batman Cake

This Batman cake was a last minute type cake.  It was my oldest son’s eighth birthday and I didn’t have a thing  together for his party! I was still  getting used to raising twin babies! So, I grabbed a few things I had in the house and ran to the local craft store to get two … Read more

Batman Birthday Cake for a ‘Batday’ Party

Batman Birthday Cake for a 'Batday' Party

For my husband’s 34th birthday, we threw him a ‘Batday’ party. I made the cake because we all know homemade is better! He is the world’s biggest Batman fan, so picking the theme for the party was easy! We already had homemade Batman party decorations from a previous celebration and naturally all of his gifts … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Cake

Coolest Homemade Batman Cake

This homemade batman cake is a 9″ double layer white cake with buttercream filling, frosted with homemade buttercream frosting and covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. Everything on cake is edible and homemade. To make the mask, I used my grandsons plastic batman mask as a template and mold. I rolled out a circle of black … Read more

Coolest Batman Projector Cupcake

He loves Batman comics! I had to make him something connected to Batman for his birthday cake. When I saw a picture of a Batman projector on Google images, I knew I could make that out of a cupcake! First I made cupcakes (enough for everyone – but only the birthday boy’s was decorated).  Then … Read more

Cool Homemade Batman Birthday Cake for a Girl

Coolest Batman Birthday Cake

It was due to be my niece’s daughter’s birthday and she is 9 years old. I was asked to bake a cake for her birthday. I had to make the Batman first so it would dry out. I modeled the top half of the body using a dark grey color and made the arms, then … Read more

Coolest Two Tier Batman Cake

Coolest Two Tier Batman Cake

I made this two tier Batman cake for my son’s best friend’s birthday. The idea is the bat signal is shining above Gothom city. First I made two 8″ round cakes and two 6″round cakes. I used basic butter cream frosting to cover the the two tiers. I frosted the 6″ tier with yellow butter … Read more

Awesome 3 Tier Batman Cake

Awesome 3 Tier Batman Cake

I made this awesome 3 tier Batman cake for the son of a friend. She asked if I could make a Batman cake and she wanted it to be super special since Batman is his FAVORITE! I was beyond nervous because I had never made a tier cake before. I watched about a million videos online … Read more

Cool Homemade Lego Batman Cake

Coolest Lego Batman Cake

A week in advance, I sculpted the figures and trash cans from gum paste so they would have time to dry. The details of Joker and Batman were hand painted. Each building was made from six 8″ square cakes. One was strawberry, the other white. For each building, I first leveled and stacked 3 cakes, placed plastic … Read more

Coolest Batman Cake for 7 Year Old Boy

Coolest Batman Cake for 7 Year Old Boy

This Batman cake was one of the easiest cakes I have made so far. My greatest tips are to buy cake mix for the cake and precoloured fondant.  It takes the edge off!  This cake is a chocolate mudcake underneath.  I used dowel and an additional round silver cake base under the top tier. I used a … Read more

Coolest Lego Batman Cake for a 5-Year-Old

Coolest Lego Batman Cake for a 5-Year-Old

I just made 4 cake rounds, 2 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix. I chose chocolate and rainbow chip. Two cakes each covered in fondant. I buy the Wilton White tubs (2) and make my own colors. I did my sons favorite color purple as the background and base. Frost the cake individually with frosting … Read more

Sweet Homemade Batman Cake

Batman Cake

I made this Batman cake last month for my nephew. I could not find anything but a Batman candle to place on top the cake, so I used a hanging decoration as the main image. Be sure to place a thick piece of paper behind the image so the buttercream does not seep through and … Read more

Coolest Batman Cake in Gotham City

Homemade Batman Cake in Gotham City

This Batman Cake in Gotham City was made for my Godchild. He insisted on having a Batman birthday cake and Nanny granted his wish. It is a 9X13 white two layer sheet cake iced with sweet icing made from powdered sugar, Crisco, and water. The filling is vanilla pudding. The rectangle is iced white and … Read more

Cute Homemade Batman Birthday Cake for My Son

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

I made this Batman Birthday Cake for my son’s fourth birthday, with a Batman theme. I used two circle cake pans, one larger than the other, and stacked them using buttercream frosting. I frosted the entire cake with buttercream, and then rolled out and placed the fondant on top. (I dyed the fondant using blue … Read more

Coolest Batman Picture Cakes How-To Tips 2

I used two 13×9 inch chocolate cakes. I iced the bottom one with chocolate icing then sprinkled 100s and 1000’s on top then put the second cake on top. I used pre-made chocolate icing and added black food coloring to make the black icing. I then iced the top with yellow and the sides with … Read more

Coolest Gotham City Cake

Gotham City Cake

This Gotham city cake was made using 6 6in cakes, stacked, then supported by wooden rods. Buildings were constructed using gum paste, first dyed, then rolled, then cut free hand. Each building was individually painted using gel food coloring , and detail was piped on each window. Highlight affects, as well as overlapping buildings were … Read more

Easy Homemade Batman Symbol Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Batman theme. I thought this was easy enough. I just used a box cake mix to make 2 cake rounds and stacked. I used concentrate yellow food coloring first – way too gold. Started over with new icing and dropped in the liquid drops and that yellow came out great! I … Read more

Coolest Batman Picture Cakes How-To Tips 3

One of my friends, Rob, loves Batman and is somewhat competitive with his buddies as to who has the most/best Batman stuff. Men may grow old but they dont grow up. For Rob’s 31st birthday we had a barbeque at a local paintball facility and I brought the cake – Batman of course. I found … Read more

Cute Homemade Batman Symbol Cake for a Birthday Party

Batman Cake

I made this Batman cake while living in Japan. Large character cakes are unheard of there, and we were having a big party for my Batman fanatic. I made two 9×13 cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate and put them next to each other. I frosted the whole cake with white Wilton buttercream icing. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Symbol Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake Design

Here is a Batman Birthday Cake Design I made for my nephew’s 4th birthday. I used a bat template I found online to carve the logo out of fondant. I used oval shaped cake pans (both were a single layer of cake), and covered the bottom of the cake in yellow marshmallow fondant and the … Read more

Coolest Batman Picture Cakes How-To Tips 4

I made a rectangular yellow cake and filed it with dulce de leche and raspberry jam. Then cover the cake with whipped cream and then piped the batman picture in yellow and black using a template I made myself on cardboard. I made cupcakes which I frosted with the same yellow and black whipped cream … Read more