Cool Homemade Batman Scene Cake

I made the Batman cake for the son’s 4th birthday. I based it off of the cake that Confetti Cakes made for the launch of the Batman Legos video game. It took them 11 days to make the cake so needless-to-say mine is much simpler. (Note: Confetti Cakes put the making of the cake on YouTube, so check that out if you want more inspiration. It’s an amazing cake!) It took me about 10 – 12 hours to make the cake. I started 3 days before the party and worked at night after the kids went to bed.

To make the cake, I made 3 cakes using Wilton’s large rectangle pan (I think it’s 12 x 16). I also made the butter cream frosting. I stacked the cakes and cut away the cake to make the basic design of the building. I took one of the cut away pieces and added it to the back left building to make it a little higher. I then secured the cakes with wooden dowels. I applied a crumb coat and let that dry over night. End of day one.

The next day I covered the cake with a butter cream coat. I made the fondant (I use marshmallow fondant – Since the cake had so many different corners and heights, I decided to fondant the cake in pieces. I created templates of the pieces using construction paper. I rolled out the fondant and used an impression mat to make the brick pattern (you can find impression mats online). I cut the fondant using a pizza cutter and applied it to the cake. It doesn’t have to come together perfectly because you’ll use edging on most of the edges. End of day two.

I got my airbrush in the mail on day three. Yea! I airbrushed the cake in avocado green and then black to give it a more interesting look. (If you don’t have an airbrush, you could just dye your fondant green and brush black over it.) I also made all of the pieces that I was going to attach to the cake – edging, windows, doors, chemical towers, and ladder. End of day three.

Day of the party – I attached all of the pieces either directly or using frosting for the heavier pieces. I also made the Batman symbol. I rolled out yellow fondant. I then made a template of the bat out of construction paper. I placed the template on the yellow fondant and airbrush the black bat. I attached the symbol to wooden dowels and stuck it into the cake (I did that right before the party since it was pretty heavy). I bought the figures and vehicles. I ordered the Lego Batman figures that were given out in McDonald’s happy meals, but they didn’t come in time. So I bought the figures at the store. Imaginext has a Batman series of figures.

Cool Homemade Batman Scene Cake

Cool Homemade Batman Scene Cake

Cool Homemade Batman Scene Cake

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  1. This is an amazing cake! My husband had shown me the Confetti Cakes version some time back, so when I saw this one was based on it I had to see it! Fabulous!

  2. Great job!I love this cake. My grandson wants me to make him a batman cake ( with buildings) for his 5th birthday. This has given me hope that I can do this! Thanks!

  3. i think that this cake looked like one of the best cakes that i have ever seen i also think that the kid that got that cake would of been one of the happiest kids in the world even known that I am 11

  4. My 5 year old son just loves this cake! We are looking for idea’s for his 6th birthday and this is the one he likes the best! Great job! :)

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