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Coolest Sliders Burger Cake Design

Be prepared! This Homemade Sliders Burger Cake Design is time-consuming! Still here? Good luck! Sliders are cake mix and brownies. “Fries”- I will explain later what these are. “Onion rings” are glazed sour-dough doughnuts from Jewel.

The cake was basic store bought white cake (yellow is best for the way it turns golden brown on top and white on the inside) baked in large muffin pan (I believe it is the Wilton pan with 6 or 9 muffins that are about 3-4″ round), fill about half-way. Brownies are baked in same size pan, only fill about 1-2″ up. Once cake and brownies are completed, cooled, and popped out of pan; they will need to be trimmed on each side to form a square(do not throw away sides) and cakes cut in half to form tops and bottoms like buns.

If you would like toppings: these were “classics” with “onions” and “pickles”(sugar drops rolled out and cut to mimmick counter-parts)or “cheese”(fruit roll-up cut to fit)but you could do just about anything just use your imagination and think about foods that taste good and would mimmick. Next, all you have to do is assemble and stack in pyramid. The “fries” are easy-peasy, these are the trimmed off edges form the cakes, place into any restaurant-type container and include “ketchup”(red-dyed icing-yum). For “onion-rings”, slice each doughnut in half again like the “buns” and then cut out circles, place in another container.

For my birthday boy, I basically set him a plate and wrote my greeting there. Please comment if you have any questions.

Homemade Sliders Burger Cake Design

Homemade Sliders Burger Cake Design

Homemade Sliders Burger Cake Design

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