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Awesome Devil Cake with Alien Cupcakes

I made this red devil cake in a number 6 shape with alien cupcakes for my 6 year old’s birthday. Got the idea of the number 6 devil from the Australian Women’s Weekly cake book.

1. To make the number 6 cake, I used my favorite butter cake recipe to bake x2 cakes – x1 ring pan and x1 loaf tin cakes. I shaped the loaf cake to have a pointy arrow end and positioned this to the top left of the ring cake to make the number 6.

2. To decorate the devil, I tinted butter cream with Wilton red gel coloring and covered all over the number 6 cake. Tint some of the butter cream with black gel color and ice the pointy black tail and ice a black widow’s peak on the devil’s face. Use x2 banana lollies for the devil horns. Cut licorice strips to make the eyebrows, eyes, mouth and goatie. Used milk bottle lollies for the fangs and green skittles for the eyes.

3. The alien cupcakes were made by baking a batch of butter cupcakes and tinting butter cream with green gel coloring. Ice the cupcakes and add x3 Mentos mint lollies for the eyes. Use spearmint leaves lollies for the ears and cut apple green strap lollies for the antenna. Use black gel writing icing to draw pupils on the Mentos eyes and draw a mouth. Can make these aliens so cute with different expressions!