This awesome Harley Davidson cake was a fun cake to make for a friend of mine. First I baked 4 small round 9 inch layers and iced between and around each layer. I then covered the entire cake with black fondant. I then printed the Harley Davidson logo off the computer.  I put rice paper on top of the print out and traced it with a crayon (since its non-toxic). I then put icing on the bottom of the rice paper and put it on top of the cake. The icing will make the rice paper dissolve.

The fun part was now about to begin. I then traced the printout with icing and filled in the logo with the Harley Davidson colors. Now that the logo was done it was time to start the flames. Using a yellow fondant, I cut out lots of different sizes of flames and then painted each flame with some red and orange food coloring, each color was mixed with a dash of vodka (this allows the paints to be smoother and dry faster). Once the flames were dry, using a paint brush and some water, I pasted each flame onto the cake. Once all that was done I cut out all the writing in red fondant and used a drop of icing on each letter to paste it to the board. Tada, the cake was done.

The compliments received are still echoing in the air.  Have fun baking and making.  I sure do!!