Fun Homemade Harley Davidson Cake

My husband’s cousin was getting married and his wife-to-be really wanted something original for the groom’s cake. Of course they are really big into Harley Davidson motor cycles and she asked me to come up with something.

I used a vanilla boxed cake mix and Wilton butter cream icing for this Harley Davidson cake. Note: The already mixed black icing gives best results. I can never get it as black as the already made kind. If anyone has and suggestions, please share. I simply cut the shape out of a sheet cake, free handed as you can you tell. It looked OK though. Everything was done in piped stars # 17. Except for the lettering which was tip number three.

This cake was pretty easy. I have gotten requests for several more since it was a big hit at the wedding. The hardest part is getting the cake to stay together after you cut it into the emblem of Harley Davidson. I suggest using a template printed from your computer to get an exact cut out. I really did not notice that there was such a big difference in the two sides until I took an actual picture of the cake. This was a trial run and of course I did not charge for this cake.

It was really fun to see everyone’s positive reaction though. I also made their 6 tiered wedding cake which went over well. Hope someone out there can use this idea for someone special.

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  1. Hi

    The cake is awesome, I do some cake decorating for family members. What you have to remember is others who do not decorate cakes do not see the small imperfections that we see. I think you did a great job!!!

    If you really enjoy decorating cakes you should take a cake decorating class I did with my sister it was great fun, inexpensive especially when you consider prices of store bought decorated cakes.

    Most of your cake decorating supply stores have classes throughout the year at a minimal cost plus supplies.

  2. What a great cake!! I am making one for my husband for his birthday. Well try any way. To get a cake to hold together stick straws or Popsicle sticks in it first for stability. Works great if you have more than two layers.


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