Coolest Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake

This Harley Davidson 50th birthday cake was a labor of love for my husband’s 50th birthday. It is actually 1/3 scale of his bike with many hours photographing and measuring his bike to get it in proportion. It is a chocolate liqueur mud cake covered in fondant.

The wheels are sculpted from foam cake dummy rounds with a jigsaw, knife and sanding paper then covered in fondant and detailed. The discs in the wheels are fondant. The spokes are toothpicks.

The handle bars are molded with wire, clear pipe and covered in fondant and all the badges, mirrors, foot pegs, exhausts are all fondant. This was approx 40 hours of work to preparing the frame, wheels and accessories to baking the cake, sculpturing and icing.

There was over $120 (Australian) just in edible silver paint. And would hate to actually work out how much it cost – EEK!!! I hope you like it :)

Homemade Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake

2 thoughts on “Coolest Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake”

  1. completely amazing! I wouldn’t want to eat it. You have an amazing talent! I only wish to be that amazing at cake decorating one day lol

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