Awesome Snake Birthday Cake

I only make 4 cakes a year, my 2 kids and my best friend’s 2 kids. But I love it! I would do more but it takes a ridiculous amount of time, my hat goes off to all those cake designers who do this on a daily basis. I saw the beautiful Albino anaconda cake that was going around on Face Book last year an thought that would be fun. I tried to convince my 6 year old to have a snake party…no luck.

Then my godchild Rylie said he was having a snake party with real snakes! yipeeeeee, here was my chance. I decided to make mine green, more like a tree snake. I made 2 cakes, the one was round and the other I crumbled up and mixed with butter icing so that I could shape it around the round cake. At this point the cake look terrible and very unappetizing (like a giant cow patty). I covered it with green fondant. Made the head and tail separately. I painted the color on and then to create the scales I used my kids netted swimming bag. I pressed it against the slightly damp sticky icing and brushed over it with the color powders I had been painting with. This made the cake POP!

I arrived early at the party and placed it in the garden so that when the birthday boy arrived he thought it was real.

Rylie with his cake

Close up of sclae patterns

make the head & tail seperatly

cover with icing and push into spaces

The not very attractive stage

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