Our grandson loves snakes. Last summer he found a water snake when we were camping. He put it in his pocket then he used to put it in his shirt with just the head sticking out and he named him Peter the snake. So when it came time for his birthday he ask grandma to please make him a Peter the snake cake because he had to let Peter go before winter.

I look up how to make one but they were suggesting a bun cake pan. My husband had the idea of using an angel food cake pan. So I made 2 cakes and cut them in half. I rolled out the fondant and used orange Sacks to make the scales. Then I used Gel Paste and water to make different color variations. I used jelly beans for the eyes. We took the cake to the party and when we got there we realized it didn’t have a tongue. So my husband and my son came up with using a Starburst Bay Road out of a pink one and cut out a tongue and stuck it in the snake’s mouth. That was real quick thinking.

His birthday was at Hey big rented room in the casino. As we took the cake in we were stop why over 20 or more people before we made it to the room asking about the cake. A lot of people asked for my work number and took pictures of the cake. We then used rice krispie treats. My husband shaped the head of the snake and made the rattles for the tail and then rolled out the fondant. After my husband made the head and laid the snake out I then used a orange sack over the phones to make the scales.