My stepson wanted a snake cake and not just a regular snake cake, but an ANACONDA snake for his 7th birthday.  According to him, a self-proclaimed snake expert, anacondas are “green with black spots with yellow around each spot.”

My older daughter and I set out to make the cake!

I’m a bullet point kind of direction person, so here it is:
1. make 2 bundt cakes out of regular box cake mix (just one box in each bundt pan was plenty)
2. cool cakes and wrap in saran wrap and freeze overnight – makes easier to work with when making the snake
3. used 2 cans of store bought icing and colored it green with food coloring. We used the whole tube of green food coloring. Then we added the proper drops (directions on the back of the food coloring box) for brown. We did this to try subdue the bright green color!
4. take cakes from freezer and cut into quarters – it was easy to cut
5. arrange the 8 pieces into a long snake – cut the tail down to a point of sort and cut the head into some sort of shape. The ends look better once you ice them.
6. in hindsight, we should have cut the bottom off each piece to give each piece a more level feel. When we first put it together, it all worked, but within 4 hours some of the quarters were tipping as they thawed and I had to use milky way candy bars to prop the pieces up. So – level the pieces!! The cake will thaw in about 2 hours and be ready to eat. We probably iced it a little too soon because the icing did start melting a bit. It was about 75 degrees that day and you can’t really refrigerate this beast!
7. Ice the snake immediately – do the tail and head first because as it thaws, it gets harder to ice and the head and tail have sections cut out which makes it a little more difficult to ices without getting cake crumbs in the icing
8. Used 1/2 bag of milk chocolate chips and put them pointy side in to create the “spots”
9. Used store bought can of yellow frosting (the kind in the aluminum can with the different tips) to create the yellow rings around the spots. We used the round tip, but next time, I would opt for the star tip as I think it would give you a little more wiggle room with your lines not being exact.
10. Used a Twizzlers from Halloween that we cut a V in for the tongue, cut the ends off marshmallows for the eyes and chocolate chips for the eye balls.

Ben LOVED his snake cake and so did his friends. Now the other moms in the neighborhood are “mad” at my daughter and me because their kids want snake cakes too!