Awesome Spilled Wine Cake

A friend of mine wanted a welcome home cake that showed his girlfriend how much he missed her. I thought I would try to make a bottle of wine cake. I knew it would be a challenge but I really love to make cakes that are unique. First I planned out what I wanted to make and how I wanted it arranged. Next I had to figure out how to make a bottle from cake.

For the bottle I measured an actual wine bottle. I baked one 9×12 single layer cake and two loaf pan cakes. I cooled them on a rack. I put the bottoms of the 2 loaf cakes together with frosting between them and put them in the freezer.

I make my own frosting and my own fondant but you can buy these already made. While the frosting is freezing between the loaf pan cakes I frosted the layer cake and roll out the fondant. I place the fondant on the cake and cut the edges to make it lay like a tablecloth.

I took a ruler and using a black food coloring pen I make squares on the fondant  (use light pressure so you will not tear the fondant). Then I painted every other square with red food coloring that has been diluted with water. I took a paper towel that has a pretty ridged pattern in it and lightly dabbed each square so the pattern looks like cloth.

I cut the frozen loaf cake to shape it into a bottle. I wrapped it in fondant and painted it with food coloring. I used piping gel for the fake spilled wine. I made a label from fondant and wrote on it with food coloring pens.

I really enjoyed making this cake. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Awesome Spilled Wine Cake

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