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Cool Homemade Wine Bottle Cake

I made this wine bottle cake for my mom’s b-day. It was a yellow butter cake mix and I used the Wilton Guitar Cake Pan and trimmed it to look like a bottle of wine.

I had my daughter hold a bottle over the cake so I could trace it. Next time I’ll use an empty bottle of wine because she had a hard time holding it steady for me!

I tinted Wilton white frosting light yellow with a couple of drops of food coloring, frosted the whole thing and covered the top with 2 gold candy wrapper sheets. I Googled wine labels and the best looking one was the Cakebread Cellars which is one of my favorites (love their Chardonnay!). Since the bottle was kind of curvy, the label wouldn’t lay flat so I had to push it down into the frosting and I sort of raised it up a bit so the ends wouldn’t flip up.

I placed wine-related stickers all around the cake board and finally piped some grape bunches with violet tube frosting and a #10 tip. Everyone loved it and it was pretty easy to make since I baked it Friday night and only had to decorate it Saturday morning.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Wine Bottle Cake”

  1. I am ready to try a piece. Have your daughter bring one of your creations to work! Of course my favorite would probably be the White Sox cake :)


  2. I loved this cake it was really good! But, ANYTHING you cook is delicious! I am glad your talent is on the internet finally! now all you need is your own bakery

  3. I love your cake – As I work for the wine company that works with Cakebread, it’s really a wonderful thing to find on a website.

    I hope all enjoyed eating it~


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