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Coolest 3D Wine Bottle Birthday Cake

One of my good friends got married last year at a wine vineyard, so when I asked her husband if I could make her birthday cake this year, I knew I wanted to do something wine-themed. I looked online to get some ideas, but couldn’t find anything that captured what I wanted to capture. So, I came up with my own design!

I measured a wine bottle and doubled the dimensions to get it to be the size I wanted. I constructed a simple stand on which I built the cake consisting of a 12×12 inch square board and a wooden dowel. I used red velvet cake to give the interior a red-wine look and frosted it with dyed green frosting to resemble the color of a wine bottle.

The white base is an 8-inch square cake, the base of the bottle consists of eight 6-inch round cakes, and the neck of the bottle is three cupcakes. Fondant was used to make the bottle top and label.

This homemade 3D wine bottle birthday cake was a HUGE success and people have already started putting in requests for their birthdays. This is the first 3-D cake I’ve attempted and while I was a little nervous, it couldn’t have turned out better.

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  1. you did do a great job! ive been taking all the wilton class and just finished the fondant one. I want to do a wine cake for my sisters bday…
    can u please tell me what icing u used(buttercreamn or canned icing or etc) and the fondant label-it just stayed on reg icing?
    oh and one more-did u have to put holes in the round cake to go around rod or u stacked then put dowel in? thanks so much for help!


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