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Coolest Electric Guitar Birthday Cake

I had a mom request an Electric Guitar Birthday Cake with flames and skulls. I couldn’t find one that had been done online, so I took most of my inspiration directly from real electric guitars.

I found a candy mold with skulls and made the chocolate skulls a couple days in advance. I bought a guitar cake pan, and Wilton Gold Sparkle Gel for piping the strings. I got on the Wilton website and downloaded a pattern for an electric guitar. I covered the cake in chocolate frosting, then colored some additional chocolate frosting black. Coloring chocolate frosting black is much easier than coloring buttercream frosting black.

I then took my guitar pattern, placed it on the cake and traced the pattern. I piped the black frosting onto the cake and smoothed it out, then using tip #3 outlined the pattern. On the paper pattern I drew the flames & cut it out.

I colored 3 different golf ball sizes of fondant, red, orange & yellow. I then split the colored balls in half making a total of six balls. I smashed them flat, then layered them red, orange, yellow, repeat. I then carefully rolled it up and gently kneaded it a couple times to tie-dye the colors.

Roll the fondant out on a surface that is lightly dusted in powdered sugar so that it doesn’t stick. Place the flame pattern on the fondant and using a sharp knife, carefully cut the flames out and place them on the cake. Once the flames are positioned on the cake, ‘glue’ them down with frosting by lifting the flame and placing a smathering of frosting underneath.

Color another slightly larger than golf ball size of fondant grey. Roll this out and cut your pick-up, frets, and bridge. Place them on the cake and glue them down. Using your Gold Wilton Gel (white frosting would be okay, too), pipe your strings. Take the left over grey fondant and color it black. Make your volume knobs and tuner heads and place them on the cake.

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