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Coolest Baseball Cap Cake and Lots of Other Sports Cake Ideas

I was offered the task of making a birthday cake for my teenage brother-in-law. I tried to be as creative as possible in making a sports cake and like to challenge myself, so I came up with the idea of making the cake look like baseball cap with this brand he liked. For the hat itself I filled a round glass baking dish with chocolate cake mix (use the kind with pudding, very moist and delicious) and a round 8″ pan with cake batter for the bill of the hat. It took almost and hour and a half to bake the cake in the glass baking dish. Just keep checking the center with a butter knife until it comes out clean.

I froze the round part of the cake and cut it in half and filled it with raspberry filling. Make a buttercream “bridge” to keep the filling from oozing out. After filling it I returned the cake to the fridge for a few minutes to set. I like to use cold cakes and room temperature for frosting so it spreads easier with fewer crumbs. Now the frosting, to dye it black I got some of the Wiltons paste and added it to the frosting and I had to use almost 3/4 of the container of paste to get it that color. And that much dye altered the taste of the frosting. I wanted to use the spray cans but could not find black anywhere. So stock up at Halloween or get an airbrush.

I brought the cake back out when the frosting was mixed and put the 8″ cake in front of the round one to gauge how much to cut and cut to fit the cake. I used some butter cream as glue to stick the bill to the cake. I frosted the whole thing and mixed up the colored icing for the logo. I used the tiniest star tip I could find and the looking at the reference picture I freehanded the design with a toothpick and then drew over it with the icing. When the icing gets to warm I had to return it to the freezer for a minute so the stars would be nice and firm. To finish it I used a fork to make the lines in the bill.

The possibilities are endless for making a sports cake. You can make team hats or whatever the recipients fancy is. He loved it and posted pictures of it on his My Space to show off to his friends and I think that is my coolest cake to date.

More Baseball Cap Sports Cake Ideas

Cake by Tara M., Islip Terrace, NY

Baseball Cap Sports Cake

This was my first time using fondant gum paste and making a three layer cake. Thanks to this website for sports cake which gave me inspiration, I think it came out pretty well considering.

This was a 30th birthday cake for a huge Met’s fan. The brim was made of gum paste and took about two days to dry. The cake itself is three 9″ round cakes that later needed to be sculpted into the hat shape. I used an actual hat as a model while I was cutting away. I learned a great deal in making this cake and I’m sure the next go-around will be that much better. I really should have cleaned off the cake board better before I snapped this picture but I think I was just happy that it was finished and that you could tell it was a Met’s hat.

Cake by Stacey R., Richmond, VA

Baseball Cap Sports Cake

This sports cake idea I made for my son’s team party. I used one half of Wilton’s 3-D ball pan for the cap. I split a 6-inch round cake into 2 layers so it would be thin and used one half to shape the brim. I discovered that blue color mixed into chocolate icing makes a nice Athletic green. Everyone loved it!

Cake by Sabrina C., Sanford, FL

Baseball Cap Sports Cake

This sports cake idea was made using the small bowl in my metal nesting bowl set, however, the half ball pan would work out perfectly. I filled the bowl about 1/2 full, it takes a long time to bake, almost an hour!

I torted it, filled it, covered it in buttercream and then covered it in marshmallow fondant.

The fondant has to be kind of thick to make the puckering w/out tearing it.

To make the puckers/lines in the hat, I used a standard little paint brush (like your kids get in the watercolors), a pencil would work to, I decided where the brim was going to be and made the puckers on either side.

From there, just space them how you feel looks natural, the beanie button is a piece of fondant rolled, flattened, and sat on top after all the puckering is done.

The brim was made from Wilton fondant because the marshmallow fondant wouldn’t dry hard enough.

I included the lighter blue cake I practiced with and you can tell that the brim was not sturdy.

Baseball Cap Sports Cake
Baseball Cap Sports Cake

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