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Beautiful Buttercream Ruffle Cake

This was a monster of a cake, called  a double barrel, it was 8.5 inch or 21 cm tall and was made up of 7 x 8inch round cakes, filled between each layer with buttercream.  To support a cake this tall you need to put structure in it.  The bottom four layers we filled and then I place 3 wooden dowels into the cake, cutting off at cake level, I added a small amount of buttercream.  Then another cardboard cake board, the top 3 layers were added on top, the whole cake was then crumb coated and put in the fridge for 45mins to set.  The top of the cake was then iced and smoothed using an offset spatula.  I used a petal tip to do the ruffles, I found a tutorial on jessicakes.blog you but the wider end next to the cake and the thin end on an angle away from the cake, piping bag in right hand, and left hand turns the turntable, a wobbly hand makes better frills.  I stopped at 4 rows and added a row of bling.  Once the cake was finished I added a diamante bow with some buttercream.  I used a small round tip to put some ‘beads’ at the bottom to finish off the cake.  I hand piped a message on the cake board and dusted the top with Hologram White edible glitter.


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