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Light Up Laser Tag Cake

I looked online for ideas for a laser tag cake that would work for both an 11 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. I was surprised that there was not as many ideas out there for me to work with. There were lots of fondant cakes–which is not my thing. One idea I saw that I did like was the use of glow sticks. So I was on my own to come up with something I hadn’t seen anywhere.

I started with a sort of “cheat” by getting the base made at the local supermarket bakery. I was expecting over 30 kids plus adults, so a simple 1/4 sheet cake wasn’t going to be enough. I needed a 1/2 sheet and didn’t have the time to do that at home. Plus, I am not the smoothest frosting applier. I asked the bakery to just keep it simple, no top beading or special decorating…just a simple white block of cake covered in smooth white butter cream frosting and the words.

I made chocolate targets by using the lids of some Take and Toss containers and then using colored chocolate to paint the circles on the targets. I only needed a few for the cake, but they were so simple to make that I ended up making about 50 of them so there were no arguments over who got a piece with chocolate.

I set the chocolate targets standing up on the cake and then inserted a glow stick into the cake aimed right at the chocolate targets so it was like the were coming up out of the cake to hit the center of the target. (I waited until we got to the party to crack the sticks.)

I then continued the ‘laser line” with Wilton’s Decorating Gel all the way across the cake. I added a few laser gel lines that didn’t go to a chocolate target  just to add more decoration and color.

It was a simple cake to make. Even without the cheat of starting with a bakery cake, anyone could easily recreate this Light Up Laser Tag Cake and it would be good to any age, boy or girl!

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