Birthday cake decoration idea by Kelly C., Jensen Beach, FL

This was a cake for my Mom, her 75th birthday. We had just recently come home from a trip to Venice, Greece and Paris with mom. So I had an idea that I would create one of those unique birthday cakes and give her the world on a platter.

For the "World" I used a sports ball cake pan. I also used a regular rectangular pan for the base of the "World". Follow the directions for the sports ball cake that come with the pan. For the rectangle cake I decided where the "World" would rest and then dug out a little bit of cake so the "World" would not roll off the base. I then iced the entire cake with buttercream icing.

Next I took a toothpick and outlined on the cake where the continents should be. I spray painted the entire cake with blue. Next I piped green glitter gel icing for the outline of the continents. I then piped inside the lines and spread it out with a knife. After finishing the continents I resprayed the blue to make sure that I covered all of the white icing.

I then took a big glob of buttercream icing and made the polar ice cap. On top of the ice cap I sprinkled it with large sugar crystals for ice. Then for the final decoration I make "Mom" satellites! I took decorative wire found in any craft store. This decorative wire was wrapped in silver and stars hung from it. I then took pictures of Mom from the various places we visited (i.e. mom at the Eiffel Tower, mom at the Parthenon, mom in Venice etc…) and cropped them to circles. I made two of each pictures. I then glued the two identical back to back with the wire in between. I then took all of my mom satellites and placed them coming out of the world.

Mom was very surprised and my family had a great time looking at the pictures of Mom on her vacation!

I hope this birthday cake decoration idea comes in handy for you!

Birthday cake decoration idea by Andrea D., Chinhae, S. Korea

Earth-Shaped Cake

We did an Outer Space themed party a few years ago for our two youngest sons. I like to make a show-stopping cake each year for their combined parties!

This cake took a long time to make, but I think the results were worth it!

This cake took 3 boxed cake mixes and I only used 3 tablespoons of oil in each mix to make the cakes a little firmer. I used my Wilton ball pan to make the Earth and I used just one half of the same pan to make the moon. The base used a 9"X13" cake pan.

To make the space shuttle look as if it were flying, I hot-glued it to the narrow end of a wooden chopstick. I then covered the chopstick with the gray icing and allowed it to dry a little before inserting the wide end into the cake at an angle. It stayed beautifully!