Coolest Solar System Cake

My son wanted a solar system cake for his 7th birthday party. He really wanted the main cake to be Earth and the other planets orbiting around it. I am still learning cake decorating tips and thoroughly enjoy making fun cakes for my children’s birthdays but still have lots to learn. Earth is made out of a boxed cake mix baked in a sport ball mold purchased at a local craft store.

Once cooled it was put in the fridge for about an hour. Once it came out of the fridge it was placed on a plate covered in tin foil then frosted lightly with store bought whipped frosting. I used a marshmallow fondant frosting recipe I found on this web site and used Wilton food coloring to get the blue color and covered the ball with it. Next I used green food color to dye the fondant for the continents. I cut the shape of the continents and frosted the back and then placed on the Earth as if gluing them on.

The remaining continents are store bought rice krispie treats rolled into various size balls and then covered in different colors of fondant. Saturn’s ring was borrowed from a clear 3-D Saturn puzzle ball. I bought floral wires at the craft store and used those to orbit the planets around Earth. I made some of the planets too big and the wire wasn’t able to hold it so they are on the tin foil. I would suggest making them smaller so the wire can support them.

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