Coolest Around the World Cake

I made this Around the world cake for a co-worker. It was his wife’s birthday and she was from the Philippines and came to the United States to live. He wanted a world cake with an airplane on it and he wanted a few landmarks marked. He wanted it to say “You were here” marked in the Philippines, he wanted LAX marked because she flew in there first and then he wanted “Now you are here to stay” marked in North Carolina. So this is what I came up with.

I used a round cake pan and iced it with buttercream icing tinted blue with icing color. I piped white clouds so it would look like the airplane was flying in clouds. I used the soccer ball cake pan for the earth. I iced it a darker blue with buttercream icing mix. I used fondant to make the continents.

My son had a small atlas in his room. I traced the continents on a piece of paper. I then took fondant in several different colors and rolled them out flat. I took the piece of paper and put it over top of the fondant. I used a toothpick to punch through the paper to make holes in the fondant that is underneath of it, and then cut out each continent. The tooth pick allowed me to get very detailed with the continents. I placed them on the icing covered earth.

I took a plastic airplane my son had and used wire to position it out from the earth to fly. The entire airplane was lime green in color so I hand painted it to look like a real one. I used fondant to make the markings. For all the wire I wrapped it around a tooth pick so the wire would not be in the cake itself and the toothpick would be in the cake.

The cake was fun to do but a lot of hard work and took a lot of time. He was very pleased with it and his wife loved it.

Coolest Around the World Cake

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  1. I am in awe of the fine details you created with the map. I have a map ‘fetish’ of sorts, and this may be the coolest map item I have ever seen!


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