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Birthday Cake For a Cowgirl

My daughter wanted a western theme birthday for her 18th so that is exactly what she got. I did a 3 tier cake with the top to look like a pair of wrangler jeans, the middle tier as a bandana, and the bottom cow print. all free hand. I also decided to do some cupcakes to go along with it with the barn animals on them. This cake was fun to do. It went pretty smoothly, just cut out some print pieces for the cow, painted on the paisley for the bandana and cut out some pockets for the wranglers. It was exactly what she wanted and no one wanted to cut the cake. They said it looked to cute to cut into, she actually save the top tier for later and didn’t let anyone eat it. I think rolling out the fondant was the hardest part of this cake. I was actually asked to replicate it a few months later for a lady in her 50’s

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