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Cool Homemade Caillou Cake Ideas

We looked all over for ideas on a Caillou cake for our daughters second birthday. When I couldn’t find a cake pan I came up with the idea to buy (on eBay) a 2002 Bob the Builder Wilton cake pan and to make a Caillou cake from it. I purchased colors that I thought would work and my husband (yes my husband!) made the magic happen.

He started by outlining in brown and then slowly added the rest. We used a large star tip for everything except the outline eyes, mouth etc. I think the most difficult thing was to get the colors vibrant enough. We went to a cake shop and Michael’s for the colors and they sold a flesh tone which made it easy for his skin.

I think this Cailou cake turned out really nice and our daughter was very excited!

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Cake by Terri T., Ontario, Canada

Caillou Cake Photo

I made this cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I used a picture of Caillou as a guide and made a two-layer round cake. I drew his face on with a cake-mate tube of black icing. I made his cheeks rosy with peachier icing and red sprinkles and used candy stars as decoration all around.

By far one of the easiest cakes I’ve made!

Cake by Debbie A.

Caillou Cake Photo

This cake was made for my daughters 2nd birthday. I didn’t want to buy the Caillou cake pan and use it only once, so I used a round casserole dish to bake it in.

I practiced drawing the features a few times first. I iced the cake using a homemade butter cream icing which I tinted flesh color using a very small amount of yellow food colouring and just a peck of red.

The features were piped on in black icing and I surrounded the cake with primary coloured smarties. The cake is easy cake to make and the kids loved it!

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