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Coolest Castle Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

My daughter decided she wanted a castle cake for her fourth birthday. Who was I to say no? I’ve always bought birthday cakes but after doing some research and finding a castle cake idea (many on this site!) I decided to make it myself.

Two nights before the party I dipped nine cake cones and five sugar cones in white candy coating melted in a double boiler. Shake off the excess so it will smooth out and put it on wax paper to dry. It was a bit of a pain but looked good once they were assembled. I heavily coated the sugar cones with pink sugar sprinkles.

The next day (one day prior to the party) I baked three cakes: two 9×13 and one in 8×8 round pans. I assembled the castle by stacking the 9x13s with buttercream frosting between them on a cake board that I wrapped in blue cellophane so it looked like a moat. I cut up a few straws and put them in the cakes to help hold them together as well as to support the 8×8 rounds that I put on top of the 9x13s.

I put a thin layer of buttercream frosting all over the castle and ended up needing more. I colored the frosting light pink and darkened it as I went along (darker for the borders and then darker still for the writing on top.) The day of the party I made another batch of frosting, touched up the castle making it as smooth as possible and cut the corners off each side of the 9x13s so I could slide the cake cones in as towers.

The bottom cone was upside down and the top cone was right side up and I used frosting to stick them together and to the cake. I put the sugar cone on top of the cake cone again using frosting as glue. I did this on all four sides. I scooped out a little cake from the very top and put in the last cake cone and topped it with the last sugar cone (I did this after writing Happy Birthday.)

Lastly I decorated the cake doing the following: I used a bar of white chocolate for the windows, the door and the drawbridge. I “glued” two pieces of string licorice to the cake and corner of the drawbridge and I used flavored pink mini marshmallows for the stones around the middle and top layers of the cake. I used various decorating tips to do the frosting around the bottom of the cake, around each tower, around the windows and door and to do the writing. I put pink sprinkles all over the top of the cake.

Cinderella standing on the drawbridge was the final accessory and my girls arranged the other players around the cake (although my six year old was distressed that they were in the water…except the Little Mermaid she was allowed to be in the water!)

All in all this was not a difficult cake to make. My castle cake idea was time consuming but worth it of course. I got rave reviews at the party and have already been asked to do my niece’s cake.

More Castle Cake Ideas

Castle cake idea by Sharon C., Bundaberg, Qld

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

For this castle cake idea I started with sponge slabs made in lamington tins. I used a double height in the centre joined by butter icing. Ice-cream cones covered in icing made the towers. I put blue jelly around the castle for water in the moat. I covered biscuit with icing for the draw bridge and used candy to decorate.

Castle cake idea by Debbie L., Perth, WA

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

For my daughters first birthday I decided to do a castle cake. This was inspired by my other daughter who was turning four at the same time and gave me a castle cake idea. The base of the cake is a square butter cake spread with apricot jam and then covered with white fondant. Using an empty tic-tac container I then made brick indentations around the side of the cake.

The castle floor was then measured out to make a chess board pattern and lightly marked the top of the cake using an unserrated knife and metal ruler. I then tinted some fondant with black and kneaded only enough for the swirl effect of marble then rolled this into a thin sheet and measured this sheet also into a chess board format using the same measurements. The same was done again in white fondant. Using a scalpel the small squares were cut out and laid onto the top of the cake in alternating squares.

The castle tower is made of toffee, homemade and tinted a pale orange. The hot toffee was poured into a mold cut into a template made out of short crust pastry. Each side was done with a separate template with the front allowing for the doorway. Once cooled, the pastry was simply peeled off and the walls glued together with remaining hot toffee. The tower just rests on the cake base.

The furniture is simply some wooden doll house pieces which I sprayed. The snow scene and Princess Annika doll and bear figurine are the characters out of Barbie’s DVD, The Magic of Pegasus.

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

My castle cake idea was a tricky and I had to do it late at night after the Rugrats had gone to bed and no longer underfoot especially when working with the hot toffee, but this cake had the biggest wow factor yet.

Castle cake idea by Renee S., Lusby, MD

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

I made this cake for my granddaughter Lexi, who was celebrating her third birthday. All she kept asking for was a princess castle cake so I decided I was going to make her a special one. I searched your website and found many examples and got my castle cake idea from different cakes to create my own.

I used two 11 X 15 rectangular cakes for the base then stacked two 9 inch rounds and two 6 inch rounds on top of the base to form the castle. To bake the six cakes it took eight boxes of Duncan Hines yellow cake mix. I iced the cake using four recipes of Wilton’s butter cream icing tinted with hot pink icing coloring gel.

To make the towers I melted white chocolate and brushed it on 13 cake ice cream cones using a pastry brush then immediately sprinkled them with hot pink sugar crystals. For the last eight cones I did two at a time and stuck them together end-to-end before adding the sugar crystals to make the tall corner towers. I then melted hot pink chocolate and brushed it on nine sugar ice cream cones then immediately sprinkled them with multi-color mini decorating balls.

Once completely dry I used a little melted white chocolate to stick the nine sugar ice cream cones on top of the cake, ice cream cones to assemble the turrets. To assemble the cake I cut out the four corners of the rectangular base and stuck one tall tower in each corner using a little icing to keep it in place. I then cut four circular openings in the 9 inch cakes (top bottom left and right sides) and one circular opening in the top middle of the 6 inch round and inserted the five remaining towers in each.

I used lemon wafer cookies for the windows and draw-bridge. I stuck them on with icing and then outlined with white butter cream icing to provide additional support. To add the finishing touches I used mini white marshmallows to outline the edges of all three cakes; used royal blue tinted butter cream icing to add the water in front of the castle; sprinkled the entire cake with multi-color mini decorating balls; and added mini plastic balloons that I purchased from a local cake store to the top turret and to the front of both sides of the base.

This was my first attempt at making a cake of this type and it was very easy. It was a little time consuming; it took me a total of eight hours including baking time to complete. It was well worth my time; my granddaughter loved her princess castle case and so did all of her party guests! I hope my castle cake idea will help others who surf this site!

Castle cake idea by Shimaila S., London, U.K.

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

My daughter wanted a princess party on her 6th birthday and a castle cake to go with it. After a lot of looking around for a castle cake idea I realized that the bakeries were charging too much so I decided to be brave and give it a go.

First I made a 10″ and two small 6″cakes, filled them with buttercream and jam and iced them in pink ready to roll icing and stacked them up. Then I got two large Swiss rolls and cut them to size and also iced them. I took ice cream cones, dipped them in melted chocolate and sprinkled them with colored sprinklers.

The rest is just decorations with readymade flowers and sugar balls. It worked out well in the end, all the kids loved it and so did the adults.

Castle cake idea by Krystal H., Lancaster, CA

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

This castle cake idea is a combination of ideas from this site. I used two 13×9 cakes stacked together with a loaf size cake on top. The towers are ice cream cones dipped in Wilton candy wafers. My daughter loved this cake. I baked the cakes a couple days early and froze them. It still took nearly four hours to decorate on the day of the party.

Castle cake idea by Karen B, Brownstown, MI

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

My daughter said she wanted a castle cake for her third birthday. This site really helped me to get a castle cake idea. I used a #10 large round tip to pipe on the “stones” to cover the entire castle. I only ended up doing this because I had so many crumbs all over the cake. The roof also had a lot of brown crumbs so I sprinkled it with pink glitter.

This cake took a lot of frosting. I made two batches of buttercream frosting each using the two pound bag of powdered sugar.

Castle cake idea by Jessica L., DeFuniak Springs, FL

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

This took about seven cake mixes but there was a lot of discarded cake. I used one sheet cake for base 17 x 11 and four 9×9 cakes. I cut them to various size squares and stacked them on top of each other using wooden dowels to keep them from falling.

For the round towers I used a crystal light tube and a sauce can and covered with fondant that I tinted with red food coloring to get a nice pink. Then I frosted and piped on vines, flowers, windows and doors. My daughter turned eight and she loved it even though it wasn’t perfect. I used strawberry cake mix, strawberry frosting and cream cheese frosting tinted pink.

I hope this gives you some castle cake idea of how I made this cake.

Castle cake idea by Robin P., Port Chester, NY

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

I got this castle cake idea from a combination of pictures that I found on this site. The bottom is 10 inch round and the top is 6 inch round. I use a buttercream frosting. The turrets are made of ice cream cones.

I brushed warm apricot jam on the sugar cones and rolled them is sugar glitter. Door, windows and flowers are made from gum paste. I used watermelon slices around the bottom layer and kissables around the top layer.

Castle cake idea by Connie C., GA

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

I had so much fun building this castle. I used two 9- inch round cakes. I frosted them. I dipped a cake cone in white chocolate and put sprinkles on top. I only dipped the bottom one inch. I covered a sugar cone with white chocolate and covered that in another color of sprinkles.

I attached the cones together using frosting. I dug a hole for each cone on each corner of the pound cake and placed the cones next to the pound cake. I used white chocolate to make little hearts with sprinkles to place on the side of the cake. I used candy to trim the edges. I got the castle cake idea from a women’s day magazine.

Castle cake idea by Kath P., Essex, UK

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

I got this castle cake idea was for my granddaughter Georgie, who was going to Euro Disney as a surprise the day after her birthday. The main body was a 10×10 double layer cake and the towers were Swiss rolls with waffle cornets for the roofs. All covered in white fondant the design on the top was piped using a star tube.

Castle cake idea by Rachel D., Keynes, UK

Homemade Castle Cake Idea

This is just a plain vanilla sponge cake soaked in pineapple juice with a layer or buttercream icing and chopped pineapple in the middle. I used thermo Cole and ice cream cones wrapped in fondant icing for the towers. And just added on the rest of the decorations…brush the cake and towers with some creamy gold dust for a shimmer effect.

I couldn’t believe how easy this cake was to make.

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