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I wanted to make a beautiful cake for my daughter’s second birthday. I had looked at a lot of castle cake ideas, and most were pretty small scale or pre-fab. This was my first attempt at a themed cake. I learned a lot, and if I were to do it again, I am sure it would be improved. I used two 8 x 8 cakes, an 8″ round cake, and I actually used cake pans from the “Easy Bake Oven” to make mini layered cakes for the turrets. I used horse candles found at a dollar store to make a carousel with licorice ropes, and gum drops, frosted graham crackers and icing tips to decorate.

Castle Cake

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Castle cake idea by Elizabeth W., Dublin, Ireland

Castle Cake

First I made two eight-inch square cakes. I used a Madeira mixture which in this case I flavoured Vanilla, but it could just as easy be chocolate or lemon or orange; that would be just a matter of taste.

For the towers I bought Mini Swiss (jam) rolls as it was easier than making them. I made buttercream icing using stork and icing sugar – in the ratio of three parts sugar to one part stork. I coloured this pink. You could colour it grey or blue for a boy’s castle. I bought the wee princess for the front but again you could make one out of sugar paste icing (I was a bit pushed for time so I bought one).

The main part of the cake is the two square cakes – stuck together with the buttercream. Then cover the outside of the cake with the buttercream. Cover the towers and make the battlements out of rolled out sugar paste. Make a door and flowers etc. to finish off the cake.

Castle cake idea by Sandy K., Springfield, MO

Castle Cake

Really easy to do! Cake portion is two 8-inch square layers, plus two 6-inch rounds. The towers are two ice cream cones stuck together at the flat ends, and topped with a pointy sugar-style ice cream cone. Everything is edible! (OK, so the 5-kabob skewers used for the flagpoles aren’t edible, but everything else is!).

The castle is outlined in spice drops and Dots candy. The towers are decorated with Necco wafers. The stripes and pennants on the towers are triangles cut from Rip-n-Roll candy (similar to Fruit Rollups, or Fruit-by-the-Foot). The banners on the upper portion of the castle are also Rip-n-Roll candy.

The castle door is a Hershey bar; the “logs” of the drawbridge are Pirouline cookies and the drawbridge “chain” is licorice. The stained glass windows on the sides of the castle are made from Pepperidge Farm mini-Chessmen cookies, painted with thinned icing.

Castle Cake

The “moat” is made from crumpled aluminum foil covered with blue Saran Wrap, and it’s filled with gummy fish (I wanted gummy alligators or sharks, but had to settle for fish). I’d planned to pipe designs on the red and green banners, but ran out of time.

This cake was a lot of fun because the kids (and the adults!) could pick off the candy they liked after we’d served cake to the birthday guests. I hope my castle cake ideas have helped you.

Castle cake idea by Christina P., Kansas City, MO

Castle Cake

My little girl was turning three and was very into princess and dress up. Since her name is Isabella we decided to send out invitations for Princess Bella’s birthday. For her cake I decided to create a castle for a princess and she insisted that it be “pink”. This is what I came up with out of all the castle cake ideas.

The cake used 4 cake mixes: the bottom layer was baked in an 18×12 roaster pan (cut into a 12×12 piece). The second layer was two 8″ pans and the top was two 6″ pans. I decorated the sides with spice drops and used two different kinds of cones for the towers.

The top of the towers were sugar cones dipped in dark chocolate sprinkled with pastel sprinkles, the bottom part of the towers were regular cones dipped in dark chocolate sprinkled with clear sprinkles (I used the same sprinkles to top the board with so it would sparkle).

I put toothpicks in the cones to hold them together and used a wooden skewer to keep the cones on the cake. The very top tower is one regular cone and one sugar cone. The little flags are made out of ribbon and toothpicks. The windows as well as the drawbridge and door, are Hershey bar. I coated large marshmallows to hold up the drawbridge. The princess is a miniature Princess Bell from Beauty and the Beast (which just happen to come with a pink dress as well as the traditional yellow).

Along the bottom layer I put some pearls that I got from a hobby store just to add some extra sparkle. The cake was a HUGE hit, everyone enjoyed eating the cones with their cake and ice-cream.

Castle cake idea by Jennifer S., Williamstown, NJ

Castle Cake

After making my daughter’s castle cake in November of 2005 I received many request to make cakes for other parties. While I truly enjoyed baking and decorating castle cake ideas for my kids I had never considered my skills “good enough” to commit to providing a cake for anyone else.

Long story short, for fun some other Moms and I took the Wilton courses offered at the local craft store and I improved upon my original design thanks to some hints I learned in class.

This cake used a two-layer 6-inch round for the top, a two-layer 10-inch square for the bottom, and about 10 cupcakes. All the baking took about 4-5 boxes of cake mix. The icing was all buttercream (Wilton recipe). I took my own advice and leveled all layers before assembly and used a cardboard round between the round and square cakes.

Before putting the cones on the cupcakes I carefully removed a bit of the point so a thin skewer would fit through the hole. I then secured the towers to the cake with the skewers. For the top layer a wooden dowel was pushed through all layers for security. I used cookies and icing for windows, door and drawbridge, and used green icing and a star tip to make trees out of the last five cupcakes.

Pastel candy corn (from Easter) and mini marshmallows were used around the top edges and vines with drop flowers decorated the corners and walls. I added flags to the top of each skewer (not pictured) and when it was candle time, I removed the skewers and replaced them with thin candles. This was a fun (but labor intensive) cake to make and really fit a princess party of five-year-olds.

Castle Cake

Castle cake idea by Angela H., Commerce, GA

Castle Cake

This castle cake is an eight-inch square bottom and a six-inch round top (two layers each). I iced it in regular buttercream. The towers are actually a long clear plastic tube my husband brought home that I cut into appropriate lengths and iced them with a brick-style design.

The tower roofs are sugar cones iced with buttercream and then rolled heavily in hot pink glitter (Wilton). The windows and door are just black and brown buttercream. The green ivy on the sides should have been done with a smaller tip and it would have looked a little better.

The flowers are just piped with a flower tip out of royal icing. The flags were just cut out of paper and glued to toothpicks and inserted down in the sugar cone. Be sure to break off a tiny piece of the tip before you ice them. I am an experienced cake decorator, but this cake actually took a good bit of time to put together!

Castle cake idea by DeAnne S., Lake Tapps, WA

Castle Cake

I used a single layer large square cake pan for the base, 2 layers of a smaller square for middle section. I made 2 small round cakes and put one on the very top and cut the other one in half to put in front where the “door” is. I used frosting to “glue” it all together.

For the cones, I got the idea off the internet. I used regular ice cream cones and rolled them in melted white chocolate, then sprinkled lavender sugar crystals over that and added a squirt of frosting on top. The sugar crystals were found at a craft store that carries cake supplies. It was a fun, relatively easy way to make a castle effect!

Castle Cake

Castle cake idea by Elmarie P., Johannesburg, South Africa

Castle Cake

This was a very special cake made by my Mom. My daughter was ecstatic when she saw the surprise cake. Only the bottom bit is real cake, the rest is made out of cardboard and covered with icing sugar. Hope this gives more little girls out there a very special birthday.

Castle cake idea by Elizabeth C., East Northport, NY

Castle Cake

My daughter wanted a princess/castle cake for her 4th Birthday, Princess Party. I scoured the internet for castle cake ideas, and came across your site. I made the bottom cake strawberry, as per her request, and made the rest from white cake. The rounds I baked in soup cans, and dipped the cones in melted white chocolate morsels and sprinkled with colored sugar.

Everyone seemed to say that icing the cones was difficult, but this idea took no time at all. She was more than pleased with the results and the kids just loved it. This was my first attempt at “sculpting” a cake and I would try it again.

Castle cake idea by Amy B., Easley, SC

Castle Cake

I used the Nordic Ware castle bundt pan for this cake. I used white cake mix and red food coloring. You may put as much as you want to get the color you desire. I used about 1/2 teaspoon for this brighter pink. I decorated with candy Runts and sweet tarts. I used pink buttercream icing to outline the castle. I added the candles for that final touch and it was done. This was for an adult who always says she is the princess. She loved her castle so much she waited 2 days to even cut it!

Castle cake idea by Mandy B., Pocatello, ID

Castle Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday, I wanted to do a princess theme, and so I designed a two-layer castle cake. I used two 9-inch square white cakes for the base, putting pink strawberry icing between the layers and on the outside., , I frosted the cake in small circular motions to give it a whipped, fluffy texture. Then I frosted four store-bought waffle cones and sprinkled them with pink sprinkles, putting one cone in each corner. I put a toothpick with a construction paper flag in the top of each cone. I then surrounded the perimeter of the cake with marshmallows for castle walls, and used pieces of a chocolate bar for the door and windows, surrounding them with marshmallows as well.

As you can see from the picture, my decorations began to slide and “melt” a little in the heat, so I would recommend a thick, low moisture frosting.

Castle cake idea by Allison L., Louisville, KY

Castle Cake

My son Jack picks the wackiest party themes. Two years ago it was a Yellow Submarine party, last year a Wild West Party and this year, a Knight and Princess Party. He and I scoured the internet for castle cake ideas.

With a few additions (like a Jell-O moat and green coconut grass) we were able to transform an 8″ square cake, a 6″ circle cake, and four cupcakes into a purple castle.

Hints for castle cake ideas:

*I wasn’t able to find a 6″ circle pan, so I baked that part in a small saucepan. It came out GREAT!

*Add the Jell-O shortly before the party begins so it doesn’t dissolve the gumdrop border.

*I have a five year old and three-year-old triplets with birthdays two days apart, so I made the towers their individual cakes.

After we sang Happy Birthday (FOUR TIMES) I pulled off the cupcakes with their names on the flags and gave them to the birthday boys.

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