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Coolest Hugs and Stitches First Birthday Cake

I made the homemade hugs and stitches first birthday cake for my cousin’s little girls first birthday. This cake was made by using buttercream icing. I iced the cake into it’s sections. Using a flower and butterfly cookie cutter, I made an impression and used a round tip to outline and a #16 star tip to fill in.

I drew the number one out on a piece of paper, cut it out, and traced the outline with a toothpick. The name was also done with cookie cutters. All the ladybugs and the bee were done free-handed using round tips. The top border is a reverse shell border and the bottom is a regular shell border using tip #21.

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  1. i want to make this cake for my daughter’s first bday.. but I was wondering how to get the three sections colored that way? do you color the icing itself and smooth the edges or did you use spray on paint? or edible cake sugar sheet things?


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