Coolest Mcqueen And Friends Cake

Homemade Mcqueen And Friends Cake

I made this Mcqueen And Friends Cake for my special boy for his 3rd birthday, really had fun making it! My first tip is, make sure you are not disturbed while decorating! First I made the actual cake a week ahead, its Neopolitian inside. I made 3 packet mixes, one chocolate, one vanilla and one … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Tiered Cake

Homemade Disney Cars Tiered Cake

I haven’t been able to do any cakes for months because of health reasons with my husband, so this Disney Cars Tiered Cake was my first endeavor back. We have twins and an additional son with birthdays together and I wanted to get it all done in one cake. I used Rice Krispie treats covered … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake Ideas 4

For Braedens 4th birthday I tackled a Cars birthday cake. We started with four 9-inch cake layers. I cut the top layer at an angle to make a track around the back which angled up and curved. I then used the left over chunk to prop the track up even more. All gaps were then … Read more

Cute Homemade Cars Scene Birthday Cake with Flags

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

I have been gearing up to make my twin daughters birthday cakes the second week in July ( having 2 parties). So I decided to make their cakes myself. This has led to me having ‘practice’ cakes. This Cars Birthday Cake is my third cake in about a month. I made two fondant cakes, but … Read more

Simple Homemade Disney Cars Cake

Homemade Disney Cars Cake

This Disney Cars Cake was for the son of a friend of mine. I wanted a cool CARS cake for him, and wanted to have the black asphalt somewhere on it so he could put his actual toy CARS on it. The cakes are a 10″ and two 6″ cakes with icing in the middle, … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake Ideas 5

The idea came from the movie Cars. My son (3rd birthday) is crazy about this movie so I made him a cars birthday cake. I made a simple white cake mix and a lot of colors (same as the movie). I decorated everything in those colors and it was a great party.

Cute Homemade Cars Cake for my Son’s 3rd Birthday

Cars Scene Cake

For my son’s 3rd birthday he wanted a “Cars” cake with McQueen, Mater and the tractor on it. I saw a Cars cake on this site with the number for a road and added to it. I bought the cake undecorated at Publix and did all the decorations myself. I made a number 3 that … Read more

Cute Homemade Cars Birthday Cake with Fondant Checkerboard Sides

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

I hate to bake, but love to decorate, cakes! So I buy a cake with just the white icing and go from there. For my grandson’s second birthday the theme was Cars so had to make him a Cars Birthday Cake. Fondant checkerboard sides and fondant track, the rest is buttercream icing, decorated with the … Read more

Coolest Cars Road Birthday Cake

Homemade  Cars Road Birthday Cake

This Cars Road Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 2nd birthday. About a week before his birthday, he became obsessed with Cars! The bottom tier is made of yellow cake. I used 1 1/2 recipes to make three big layers. It’s filled with buttercream and covered with fondant. I made the signs first. Days … Read more

Coolest Disney Cars Birthday Cake Ideas 6

This cars birthday cake was for my sons 3rd birthday. He wanted to have a “Cars” theme from the Disney movie. He wanted to have Lightning McQueen and Sally. I used the Lightning McQueen Wilton cake pan and iced it to look like McQueen. Then for Sally, I used the same pan, only I followed … Read more

Coolest Lightning Mcqueen Cake

Cars Scene Cake

I made this Lightning Mcqueen cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I bought some mini cars from the Car movie and added it on my cake. It was a full sheet cake with Lightning Mcqueen car cake on top of it. I had so much fun doing this cake and it was a success birthday … Read more

Coolest Car’s Birthday Cake

Homemade Car's Birthday Cake

I would like to share my Car’s birthday cake that I did for a friend this past weekend. This cake celebrated a special little man’s 3rd birthday. The cake itself is a twelve inch square that is vanilla flavored. Half of the cake is filled with whipped white filling while the other half is filled … Read more