Muddy Monster Truck Birthday Cake

My husband and I worked together on this muddy Monster Truck birthday cake. We used the Wilton Race Car pan for the car body, following the instructions for the cake pan. Then we used 4 mini Angel food cake pans to make the monster tires. Baked one additional chocolate cake to cut up for the … Read more

Float Tube Fishing Cake

Sports and Recreation Cakes

I made this float tube fishing cake for my adult son that loves to float tube fish. I looked and looked online for ideas and couldn’t find a float tube cake so here it is. The cake is German chocolate and pecan frosting, candy rocks, little Debbie logs, gummie frogs, ice cream cone trees and a fondant fish. My son was so impressed … Read more

Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

This 3-D Sponge Bob cake was made with a sheet cake  cut into four sections then stacked filled and curved. I used a small melon scooper to mimic the holes in Swiss cheese  and then covered in modeling chocolate. Sponge Bob’s pants and shoes were also covered in modeling chocolate. I used a 3 inch round to form the hamburger and … Read more

Cool Homemade Building Blocks Cake

I made this building blocks cake for my niece and nephew’s first birthday. I am a self taught cake maker and knew it would be a challenge. But wanted to give them the best cake ever. My sister in law found a picture of some building block cakes and said can you make something like … Read more

Coolest Booties Cake for Girls Christening

Coolest Booties Cake for Girls Christening

I made this booties cake for a relative’s christening cake.  I used two layers of sponge cake, jam and cream. I colored icing pink to cover cake. I made booties. Also pink and white building blocks with her name and birth date on each block. Lace work on bottom tier with stencils to make add ons e.g. … Read more

Green Bay Packer Spa Party Cake

My friend’s daughter wanted to have a spa party during the Packers football game – first quarter they would do make-up, second quarter manicures, half-time cake and ice cream, third quarter facials and fourth quarter bubbly juice and relaxing for the end iof the game. I decided we needed to combine the two themes for … Read more

Coolest Golf Themed Cake

My son called and asked if I’d make a golf themed cake for a benefit being held in honor of a friend of his killed last fall in a car accident.  The young man left a 4 year old son behind, and the community was trying to raise funds for the little boy’s future. He … Read more

Crazy Angry Birds Cake

Crazy Angry Birds Cake

I made 2  9×13  homemade vanilla cakes and sliced them in half and filled them with my homemade cranberry, berries, cherry fruit filling for this Angry Birds cake. I made a homemade fudge dark chocolate frosting to ice the cake .While the frosted cake was in the fridge, I used a recipe for marshmallow fondant … Read more

Romantic Homemade Valentine Cakes

Romantic Homemade Valentine Cakes and How-To Tips

I browsed this site for cool Valentine cakes and this is what I came up with. This was my second attempt at working with the rolled fondant. A heart shape is much easier than a round cake when it comes to getting it to lay flat on the sides. I was just practicing and it … Read more

Sweet Makeup Cake For An 8 Year Old Girl

My niece told me she wanted a “lipstick” cake for her 8th birthday. At her party there would be nail painting and other girlie stuff. So, I tried to come up with a makeup cake that was cool enough for her but still showed she is still only 8. I made a strawberry box cake … Read more

Awesome Dad’s Yorkie Birthday Cake

This cake was baked fresh and was ice in vanilla Swiss butter cream and covered in white fondant with brown lace border. I worked on the Yorkie and chair a couple of days before to ensure it dried completely on time. I was trying to recreate my dads Yorkie and his couch chair where he sits and watches TV with the Yorkie. Instead of making … Read more

Cool Homemade Sushi Cake

Coolest Sushi Cake

I made this Sushi cake for a friend that has a mutual love for sushi! The board was just two layers of 9×13 white cake with white icing in between. It was then covered with white icing tinted with brown gel. The pieces of sushi were made with mini cupcakes (rolls) and mini bar cakes … Read more