Awesome Tree Stump Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea

tinkerbell birthday cake idea

Deciding on a Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea There has only been two times total for both kids that I didn’t make my kids birthday cake myself. It’s so much fun yet can be a bit stressful. This year, the youngest decided she wanted a Tinkerbell birthday cake. After looking all over Coolest Birthday Cakes and Pinterest … Read more

Coolest Homemade Funny Divorce Cake

Funny Divorce Cake

Going through a 3 year divorce is exhausting mentally and physically but you learn how to push yourself and it helps if you have a good sense of humor through it.  I wanted to celebrate my own divorce but you realize that you can’t after all the bills come. So I wanted to celebrate with … Read more

Simple Castle Cake for my Birthday Girl

Castle Cake

First of all, you need to know that I am a beginner when it comes to cake decorating. I’ve just started making birthday cakes since my sweet children came into my life. I really wanted to try a castle cake for my little girl. For me the most daunting part of the whole thing was … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jerusalem Wailing Wall Cake

wailing wall cake

I made this Wailing Wall cake to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem Day for my daughter’s kindergarten. Background for Jerusalem Day Jerusalem Day is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War. Jerusalem is a beautiful and ancient holy city in Israel. The Old City of Jerusalem has significant importance … Read more

Cool Nacho Cake for an Anniversary

Nacho Cake

I had a great nacho cake idea of conquering up something for my parents anniversary cake! My family always expects me to make something super tasty and fun for parties. We always get nachos on every vacation at every restaurant, our guilty pleasure. The best part of this cake is no one actually thought it … Read more

Adorably Awesome 3D Paw Patrol Cake

3 year old daughters paw patrol cake

I work full time in an office and part time in a bakery, but when my little girl asked for a “pupcake” instead of cupcake, I made sure this Paw Patrol cake would be something to remember. In order to bake the cake, I used 8 inch round chocolate cake. Then, I layered it with … Read more

Frozen Themed Castle Cake

Frozen Themed Castle Cake

My daughter recently turned 7 years old. She’s in love with the movie, Frozen, as is the rest of the world. This was the most fun I’ve ever had making a cake. Though it was my very first castle cake, it came out great! Castle Cake Instructions The cake was Funfetti (2 9″x13″ and 2 … Read more

Unbelievably Awesome Homemade Alice in Wonderland Cake

homemade alice in wonderland cake

I started my homemade Alice in Wonderland cake by making my chocolate cake with cannoli filling YUM! Cannoli filling has to drain for a few days so it gets thick. Then I made the bottle and teacup on this cake and letting them dry a few days after shaping so they would hold their shape. … Read more

Beautiful Homemade Flower Fairy Princess Birthday Cake

Fairy Princess Birthday Cake

I made the body for this fairy princess birthday cake about a week in advance, used a mold I had pre-done using food grade moulding gel and a doll. I used half fondant half gum paste for the body and face, used a piece of spaghetti for stability, painted on her features aside from her … Read more

6 Awesome Homemade Mirror Glaze Cakes


I got my inspiration to create these mirror glaze cakes from the internet. But what made me work to make my cakes better came down to two reasons:  I was invited on probation work in Germany after the manager came across my cake pictures on my Facebook profile page. I created 12 cakes for them. They were … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hissing Cockroach Cake


I baked one round and one oval chocolate cake. Then I hollowed out the centre and filled it with homemade Boston cream filling. Next, I covered with a buttercream icing crumb coat placed in fridge for a bit. I made marshmallow fondant and rolled out and covered the cake. I added a few extra strips … Read more

Awesome Homemade Anti-Gravity M&Ms Cake

Coolest m&m cake

I made this cake because I wanted to create something fun and unique for my partner’s birthday. I really enjoyed making this cake and all the figures as everything is absolutely edible:) It is rainbow inside and when you cut it all M&M’s will fall out. It’s very colourful and what I think a birthday … Read more

Frozen Light Up Castle Cake

Frozen Light Up Castle Cake

This castle cake was really straight forward to do. I initially baked a 6″ round cake and a 10″ round cake and covered them both with white fondant. I placed the 10″ cake on a board, inserted some dowels for support, and stacked the 6″ cake on top. Next, I used the Wilton castle set, in … Read more

Awesome Ginormous Indominus Rex Cake for my Son

Indominus Rex Cake

My son requested an Indominus Rex cake from Jurassic World for his 8th Birthday. So I looked online and could hardly find anything. But there were many online videos on the making of 3D cakes. So I got my husband to make a structure for a standing 3D dinosaur that he made out of timber … Read more

Awesome Bushel of Crabs Cake


I wanted to make an old bay crab cake to take to a family cook out. The bushel basket was all cake covered with fondant. I made all the crabs out of fondant and dusted each one with red, orange and yellow petal dust.  I made the two ears of corn and the two mallets … Read more

Coolest Castle Cake Inspired by the Disney Movie Frozen

Frozen Birthday Cake

A special little girl named Shea loves the movie “Frozen” and she especially loves Elsa The Snow Queen, so she asked if I could make her a castle cake using the ice blues and teal colors from Elsa’s dress. Cakes: The bottom layer and second layer were square cakes. I cut each corner so the towers … Read more

Coolest Medieval Fantasy Castle Cake

Coolest Medieval Fantasy Castle Cake

I am exhibiting this medieval fantasy castle cake at an upcoming fair. I picked this design because I thought it would be simple and easy. It was simple, but it was far from easy. They say nothing worth having comes without hard work. Let me tell you, this cake drove that point home for me … Read more

Awesome Homemade Half and Half Birthday Christening Cake

half and half birthday christening cake

Here’s how I made this half and half birthday christening cake. I was asked to do a birthday cake for a 1 year old but to also make a christening cake. I asked for info on what Harry liked and was told he enjoys swimming, trains, ball pools and just toys in general. Well I … Read more

Coolest Princess Castle Rainbow Cake

Castle Cake

My daughter requested a castle cake for her 5th birthday. She was very specific in her desire – it had to have pink walls, a purple roof, and be rainbow cake inside. Nothing like setting mummy a challenge! All the details After determining the size of the cake by the dolls I was using, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Steampunk Wedding Cake

Spunky Steampunk Wedding Cake

A few years ago I was asked by family friends if I would take on the task of a wedding cake. Now, I’m not a pro, here.  I work 45 hours a week at a small law office and sell skin care on the side. I’m certainly not the cake lady. Our friends were impressed … Read more

Awesome Homemade Jumbo Donut Cake

Jumbo Donut Cake

My 12 year old daughter wanted her birthday cake to be a donut cake. One could choose to sculpt two 8 or 10″ round cakes into the shape of a donut but I chose to buy a donut-shaped cake pan set instead (so much easier!). I purchased the Entenmann’s brand “Jumbo Non-stick Donut Pan” which … Read more

Awesome Homemade MAC Makeup Cake

Awesome MAC cake

This cake was made for my daughter, Fabian – who is our princess! – for her 10th birthday. I made this makeup cake has edible sugar images of different MAC products. The cake is a moist and delicious chocolate cake layered with vanilla whipping cream and nutella. Enjoy!

Awesome Homemade Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake

dalmatian fire truck cake

I made this fun dalmatian fire truck cake for a friend’s little boy’s birthday party. I truly put a lot of heart into making this cake, as the boy’s father had passed away not even a year earlier. This was his first birthday without his dad, and I wanted to create something that would make him … Read more

Coolest Coke Anti Gravity Cake

Coke anti gravity cake

This was just a bored Sunday afternoon experiment. I had just enjoyed McDonald’s and thought up this anti gravity cake idea! Not knowing if it would work. But hey, it really worked! I completely cleaned and dried the large sized McDonald’s cup and lid. In addition, I whipped up a simple Victoria sponge cake in the oven! Once the … Read more