Crazy Angry Birds Cake

I made 2  9×13  homemade vanilla cakes and sliced them in half and filled them with my homemade cranberry, berries, cherry fruit filling for this Angry Birds cake. I made a homemade fudge dark chocolate frosting to ice the cake .While the frosted cake was in the fridge, I used a recipe for marshmallow fondant that was online and started coloring several chunks with gel paste to create what you see on the cake.

The birds, pigs, bird nest, hill, blocks and slingshot were all shaped with homemade rice crispies flavored with maple extract and then I used the fondant to cover and shape them. I rolled a large piece of green fondant to create a grass effect and added all my rice crispies creatures on the cake. Cut bamboo skewers was used to attach the slingshot, white bird and the two pigs on the blocks in order to be sure they were secure while cake was moved . The red bird was the hardest to make since the fondant and the amount of gel needed to create a deep red made it way too sticky.

I must say this Angry Bird gave me grief alright. Everyone loved the cake, the kids were all excited by the look and the fact they could all eat a piece of the Angry Birds characters. It took me 5 hours to shape the creatures in rice crispies color fondant and get all the birds covered and shaped in fondant,  but it was well worth it to see my 6 year old boy LOVE his cake. I say for my first try at working fondant, I am happy with the result and with time I will get better I am sure of it.