Cool Dinner Plate Cake

I always let my children decide what shaped cakes they want on their cake then I try to create it for them. When my daughter turned 18 she decided she was done with such nonsense. She said she did not care what was on the cake so I picked the theme for her and surprised her with it. When she saw it she said it looked disgusting and wanted to know where her real cake was. It made for lots of laughter and good fun.

The decoration is all icing and food coloring except the meat which I made using slices of chocolate cup cakes. To make the gravy and the melted butter, thin the icing down with water to give it the proper consistency then pour it on. The string beans were just squirts of green icing from a pastry bag with a large hole in the tip. I sliced them off as they came out then cut a shallow line down the length of each bean for realism. The rim of the dinner plate was the hardest part. I used a stiff batch of icing to form the plate then a butter knife dipped in warm water to smooth and sculpt.