Coolest Dinner Plate Cake

This dinner plate cake was made for my Pastor’s 40th birthday. Everyone at our church decided to throw him a surprise party and to have a Italian theme to it because he loves Italian food.

So I got called to make the cake and wanted it to go with the theme and thought it would look neat if I made it look like an dinner table set with an Italian meal. So I made a full sheet cake and base iced it white and went over the top with a small star tip to make it have a lace table cloth affect.

Then I made an 8 inch round cake and cut it in half and iced them white to look like the plates. I used the Wilton sports ball cake pan which when you bake it, it is two halves that you have to put together to make a ball, but I left them separate to make the salad bowls.

My husband made the icing for me and I’m not sure what all he puts in it but he left the water out because the last few times it was very soft but this time it was a very stiff icing and I was able to just add food coloring (Brown & red) and then scoop the icing in my hand and ball it into the meatballs.

For the Italian bead on the side I made a yellow cake in a loaf pan and just sliced it as if it was bread and with a butter knife spread the white icing on it and sprinkled some green sanding sugar on it to give it the look of seasoning in the bread.

I added the plastic silverware and a table candle just to try to make it look more like a fine Italian restaurant meal (with spaghetti and meatballs and plastic silverware).

The party and the cake went over great.

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