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Coolest Full English Breakfast Birthday Cake

This full English breakfast birthday cake was created out of two oblong sponges. I used the traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe of 10ozs of flour, sugar and vegetable fat and 2ozs of coco powder, and 3 eggs.

The top of the cakes were cut off and the two cut surfaces were stuck together with chocolate butter icing. I then warmed a little strawberry jam and brushed all over the two sponges.

I then colored white molded icing to create the table cloth, plate, cutlery, beans, bacon, egg, waffles and mushrooms. The table cloth was then laid onto the sponges and then I added the plate, bacon, beans etc. I also made a knife and fork and placed next to the plate.

At times the molded shapes had to be put into the fridge as they get quite sticky when your hands are warm.

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